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Updates for December 16th

posted Dec 16, 2011, 5:07 PM by jkvanderveen@dcsdk12.org
Important Announcements
*** Thank you to all of the parents who donated food to our holiday parties.
***Please accept our warmest wishes for your families this winter/holiday season!

*** This week, we took the benchmark test for chapters one-three to see what the children are retaining. We’ll use this information to guide our instruction and support students.
*** We began chapter six on percents and are reviewing chapters four and five about rates and ratios throughout the next two weeks. We’ll have a test on chapter six next Thursday.

Language Arts
*** Mrs. Janicik’s class is working on completing a Glog about Hugo.
*** Look for Ms. Tucker and Mrs. VanderVeens’s students’ Glogs on your child’s ePortfolio site.
*** Students wrote a three-paragraph essay about their favorite winter holiday. Look for these to come home next week.

Literacy Rotations
***Poetry(Mrs. Janicik with Mrs. VanderVeen)- This week students looked at similes, metaphors, imagery and free verse poetry. As we read through the Langston Hughes poem “Mother to Son,” students wrote inspirational poems to encourage people to keep going through difficult times. Students should also be continuing to work on their poetry memorization and written essays.
***Fever, 1793 (Mrs. VanderVeen with Ms. Tucker)- We finished the novel this week and learned Mattie’s fate. We discussed how metaphors and personification can be used together and talked about symbolism in the book. We completed our character trait and conflict charts and had a discussion on the theme(s) of Fever.
***Creative Writing (Ms. Tucker with Mrs. Janicik) This week we started going through the story lessons on our site and discussing how we can apply them to the story we wrote together.  We have defined each part of the story map and discussed how to write descriptively without giving too much information (small talk).
Science/Social Studies/Civics and Economics Rotations
***Social Studies (Mrs. Janicik with Ms. Tucker)- This week, students finished their Google Site all about Latin America. They have read chapter ten about early exploration in Latin America and added to their notes in Google Docs. They watched five video clips about explorers, added comments in Voice Thread, and took a quiz on each video. Then they had a discussion (recorded in Audioboo) about Cortez and Dona Marina. I encourage you to visit your child’s Latin American Site (linked from their ePortfolio) to see how much was learned in the past two weeks! I am so proud of them!
***Saving & Investing (Mrs. VanderVeen with Mrs. Janicik)- This week the students started their research for their saving and investing project.  They have been using the information they learned from Junior Achievement and the supporting questions to guide their research.
***Science (Ms. Tucker with Mrs. VanderVeen)- Science brought us two great discussions on human effects on climate and atmosphere, as well as destructive storms and forces. We were also able to simulate the coriolis effect using a lazy susan and a marble.