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Updates for August 11

posted Aug 10, 2011, 5:07 PM by Angela Tucker

Language Arts
  • Spelling- Unit 1: Root Words and Affixes
    • Test on Friday to include one sentence to diagram, 10 words from the spelling packet will be read aloud for them to spell correctly, 8 words to circle the root words and affixes, and 2 words not in the packet but that follow the same spelling pattern
  • All classes are working on grammar. This week we practiced diagramming sentences and parts of speech.
  • With Mrs. Janicik (Mrs. VanderVeen's kids)- Drafting their persuasive essay about middle school start times
  • With Mrs. VanderVeen (Ms. Tucker's kids)- Reading and discussing the novel The Westing Game
  • With Ms. Tucker (Mrs. Janicik's kids)- How to read different nonfiction text structures and taking notes on their self-selected topics for a future report
  • Me Bag essays are due on Friday. Students are typing these in Google Docs at home and do not need to print out a paper copy, as your child has shared their document with all sixth grade teachers.

  • All classes review numerous math concepts in our Math Warm Ups during the first ten minutes of math.
  • This week all classes reviewed estimating and dividing with whole numbers and decimals. We also worked on multiplying fractions. 
  • For homework, students should be working in Khan Academy for 20 minutes or complete four exercises in a week. We'll be checking on Friday mornings. So the "week" is Friday afternoon to Friday morning.

Social Studies/ Science/ Civics & Economics
  • With Mrs. Janicik (Ms. Tucker's kids)- International Towne, currency exchange, and political cartoons
  • With Ms. Tucker (Mrs. VanderVeen's kids)- Canadian geography, climate, resources, and indigenous people; Creating a Google presentation to synthesize information
  • With Mrs. VanderVeen (Mrs. Janicik's kids)- Visual representations in science, identifying rocks and minerals

  • Double Specials (Health) this year are on Wednesday for 50 minutes for sixth grade.
  • Students got to know their health teacher and discussed goal-setting.

  • We will start our first round of "electives" on Monday. In this round, all students will complete all three classes. Students will be mixed up with children from the other sixth grade classes.
  • Ms. Tucker will be teaching about email etiquette, blogging, and the Outdoor Ed journal.
  • Mrs. VanderVeen will be teaching photography.
  • Ms. Janicik will be doing drama.
  • Each elective will be three days and provide preparation for our Outdoor Ed experience.

Timely Topics
  • Please empty your child's folder each Thursday. 
    • Check out the information about the Wolf Card in the Thursday Folders. These are a great way to save money and raise money for our school.
    • This week important information about Outdoor Ed will be coming home. Please send in the indicated forms and/or contact Ms. Tucker if you have any questions. 
  • School pictures are Wednesday, 8/17.