Welcome to ConAmore Apps, Educational iPad reviews one bite at a time. This site is presented for parents & staff that want "bite-sized" information on some of the iPad Apps used at ConAmore School/Duchesne County Preschool. 

Apps are presented with small "bite-sized" information on purpose...to save time! This site also provides the Evaluation Rubric, Request an App to purchase (staff) or review (parents/staff), & useful links. Be sure to order our special, Top Apps!...enjoy...and don't leave hungry!

Each App review contains the following 7 possible elements: 
    1) App Title (essential info)
    2) Top App Alert (if applicable)
    3) App Store (link to App on iTunes)
    4) Overview (about app, price, seller, & evluation rubric score)
    5) Good Bites (likes)
    6) Bad Bites (dislikes)
    7) Videos (kids actually using App).