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I am thrilled to start my fourth year teaching at Whittell High School.  By way of introduction, here are some links about me:

I grew up in New England and graduated from Colby College (BA) and University of Virginia (MFA.)  I have held many jobs, including my work as a salmon grader in Alaska, an SAT prep coach for the Princeton Review, Junior Sailing Director of the St. Thomas Yacht Club, and lift attendant at Timberline Ski Area.  I live in Stateline, Nevada.

Having taught English at Carson Valley Middle School for 17 years and at George Whittell High School for 3 years, I have witnessed many changes in education that have challenged me to keep learning.  In the past few years, I have embraced changes such as 21st century literacy, paperless classrooms, standards-based grading, and of course the Nevada Academic Content Standards.  I will try (almost) anything if I think it will help my students to be college and career readyA few years ago, I went back to school myself to learn computer programming so that I can teach Computer Science. I am a GWHS STEM Leader and co-creator (with Madeline Cronk) of the STEM UP! WHS initiative, and I am a writer and national trainer for SpringBoard, the College Board's English/Language Arts curriculum.

Shout out to my Advanced Placement Computer Science Principles students who rocked the AP exam (30 WHS students grades 9-12 earned college credit by passing the AP exam!)

Check them out in these cool videos!

AP Computer Science Around the Country

Changing the Face of Computer Science

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