Our brains are growing dendrites!  Take a spy below to see what we're learning about!

Reading:  We have been working on several reading skills including: word attack, comprehension, and story elementsWord attack is when we use decoding skills to figure out tricky words.  We look for blends (sp, st, br, tr, pl, cl), digraphs (sh, ch, th, ph), short vowel patterns (happy, bat), and long vowel patterns (lake, train, seed, day) in tricky words to decode them.  We have been working to build our comprehension by improving the rigor of our visualizing (changing the words into pictures), connecting (making connections between the book we're reading and another book, ourselves, and/or the world), predicting (making a smart guess about what's going to happen next), etc...  Finally, we have been building our knowledge of story elements while applying them to build our comprehension of the stories we read.  Some of the story elements we have been working on include: setting (when and where the story takes place), characterization (physical and personality traits of the characters in the story), events (what happens in the story), problem (the frowny face part of the story), and solution (how the problem is solved). YUP - we've been busy! 
Writing:  We are learning a new form of writing called opinion writing.  We have learned the new topic sentence and are beginning to evaluate our details to see if they prove our topic sentence; this is particularly difficult for first graders.  We have also been working on editing our work (checking our papers for capitals, punctuation, and misspellings) & crafting (adding adjectives and rereading our pieces to make sure our thinking is clear). 
Spelling:    In addition to reviewing the basics (short and long vowel patterns, blends, digraphs, and bossy R), we have been playing around with base words and suffixes.  Mostly, we have been focusing on changing words to reflect present & past tense (adding 'ing' and 'ed' to the ends of the words). 
Math: Our newest unit of study centers on adding double digit numbers.  We have been working on using place value to build each number with base ten blocks or base ten drawings to solve for the sum.  We're starting to improve our accuracy, which is exciting!  (Check out our Class Dojo video to see how we use place value to solve double digit addition problems.)  We continue to plug away on our math facts as well.  CONSIDER investing in your little by practicing these basic addition and subtraction facts at home.  The dividends are rewarding.  
Social Studies:  We have been learning about Martin Luther King Jr. and the methods he employed to motivate others to PEACEFULLY stand up for equal rights 
Science:  We have been learning about how animals adapt during the winter season.  We have addressed migrating and hibernating animals and the benefits of these common winter behaviors.  Did you know that birds and butterflies migrate south toward the equator to find warmth and food?  Also, did you know that hedgehogs, some bats, and chipmunks hibernate throughout the winter?   

C.C. Meneley Elementary School Mission Statement
C.C. Meneley challenges and supports students to be the best they can be in a caring and respectful environment.