THOR Directory

The Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry (THOR) Directory is a directory of community-based housing for persons releasing from prison or on probation or parole.  Residences include Structured Housing (SH), Standard Recovery Housing (SR), and Intensive Recovery (IR) Housing. The facilities contained herein have met DCS standards regarding safety, communication with agency staff, programming, employment, and other factors.

Structured Housing (SH) - Residents need a healthy and safe environment to live but are not required to attend substance abuse services or substance abuse counseling.

Standard Recovery (SR) - Residents are required to attend one (1) or more hours of substance abuse services or substance abuse counseling per week.

Intensive Recovery (IR) - Residents are required to attend five (5) or more hours of substance abuse counseling per week delivered by certified substance abuse counselors or licensed professionals.  

DCS does not endorse the facilities contained in the Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry (THOR) Directory or the Reentry Partnership Housing Program (RPH) for any purpose other than for potential placement of supervisees who reside in the state of Georgia. Inclusion in either program means that the DCS may approve placement in the facility however, residence plan decisions are made on an individual basis.  While program representatives routinely inspect or visit the approved housing units, it is strictly for placement of individuals.

Facilities not listed in either program may not be suitable placements for supervisees, especially as a first residence out of prison. Additional resource links are listed on the DCS webpage as a convenience but are not endorsed by the DCS.”

THOR Directory