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For a facility to qualify for Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) or Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry (THOR) with the Department of Community Supervision (DCS), an application must be submitted and accepted by DCS. Once approved, facilities will be routinely audited to ensure that standards of the contract are maintained.  

DCS does not endorse the facilities contained in the Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry (THOR) Directory or the Reentry Partnership Housing Program (RPH) for any purpose other than for potential placement of supervisees who reside in the state of Georgia. Inclusion in either program means that the DCS may approve placement in the facility however, residence plan decisions are made on an individual basis.  While program representatives routinely inspect or visit the approved housing units, it is strictly for placement of individuals.

Facilities not listed in either program may not be suitable placements for supervisees, especially as a first residence out of prison. Additional resource links are listed on the DCS webpage as a convenience but are not endorsed by the DCS.”

Become an RPH Provider:

The goal of the Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) Program is to provide short term financial assistance to help stabilize an offender’s reentry process to enhance his or her ability to remain crime free.  RPH is a means to provide housing to individuals who have been granted a release by the Parole Board but remain in prison due solely to having no residential option.  In addition, offenders currently under DCS supervision (parole and probation) are eligible for placement in RPH.  In January 2018, RPH began working with accountability courts in Georgia.  Through written agreement, RPH partners must provide released offenders with stable housing and food (room and board).  Participating housing providers ("Grantees") are compensated monthly during the RPH period.  In return, the housing provider shall provide room and board without charge to the offender for this period. 

Referrals to this program must be initiated by the offender's Dept. of Corrections counselor, if still incarcerated, or their assigned Community Supervision Officer.

The application process for Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH) providers will occur twice per year, in the fall and spring. The fall cycle has now closed.

Please access the RPH Fact Sheet for more information about this process and review the Guidelines for provider qualifications.

Thank you for your interest in Reentry Partnership Housing (RPH).

Funding for the RPH program is made available to DCS through a grant from the Federal Criminal Justice Coordinating Council and the Georgia Criminal Justice Coordinating Council. The Department of Community Affairs (DCA) administers the State Housing Trust Fund for the Homeless (HTF), who is the administrative agent for this program.

      Become a THOR Provider:

      The Transitional Housing for Offender Reentry (THOR) Directory is a directory of community based housing for persons releasing from prison or on probation or parole. Residences include:

      Structured Housing (SH) - Residents need a healthy and safe environment to live but are not required to attend substance abuse services or substance abuse counseling.

      Standard Recovery (SR) - Residents are required to attend one (1) or more hours of substance abuse services or substance abuse counseling per week.   

      Intensive Recovery (IR) - Residents are required to attend five (5) or more hours of substance abuse counseling per week delivered by certified substance abuse counselors or licensed professionals.  

      The facilities contained in the THOR Directory have met DCS standards regarding safety, communication with agency staff, programming and other factors.  

      To apply to become a THOR provider, please refer to pages 5-7 of the Standards for further details regarding the application process.

      Effective immediately, new provider applications for RECOVERY residences (both standard recovery and intensive recovery) are temporarily not being accepted.  New provider applications for STRUCTURED HOUSING continue to be accepted at this time.  This site will be updated once application processes for recovery residences are reinstated.

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