Welcome to Mrs. Rizy's Nurses Corner!   I 
am excited for the 2018-2019 school year at CES!!!   Please visit my site for up to date school related topics.   

Notice about the mobile dentist:  Parents the mobile dentist will be coming to school Monday October 16th 2019.  Please send your forms back asap if you want you child to be seen.  

First grade parents the Sight mobile will be here Tuesday October 1st to test for hearing and vision if you do not want your child tested please email me by 9/28/2019

I have several resource bags in my office that are there for you to borrow if ever needed.  The topics include

Loss of a pet
Head lice
Food Allergies


Contact Information

Kelly Rizy RN, BSN

 Phone 508-248-7774 extension 255

 Fax      508-248- 7003

Charlton Elementary School
9 Burlingame Road
Charlton MA 01507


Some important reminders for the start of school

1.  All incoming Kindergarten students must have all immunizations up to date and a current physical exam (within the last year,) to start school.

2.  If your child is ill please keep them home. Examples of illness's that your child should stay home:   Fever of 100.0 or more, vomiting , diarrhea, rash of unknown origin.

3.   Please communicate with me any illness your child may have. 

4.    Please do not ever send medication into school with your child. This includes cough drops.  If your child needs any medication while at school: prescription or over the counter, please contact me to make arrangements and have the proper paper work filled out.

5.  Physical exams are required upon entry to Kindergarten, 3rd grade, 7th grade and 10th grade ONLY!