Reporting status for jurors

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This page provides information for both the 33rd and 424th District Courts.

If you have been summoned for jury duty you can reference this page to determine the reporting status for the date summoned.

IMPORTANT:  You should check this page after 5:00PM on Friday for a Monday reporting date, or on the day before for a reporting date later in the week.

Dates to report sometimes must be postponed by a day or two, and sometimes by a matter of a week or more. You are required to abide by the instructions below.

Other information for jurors includes why jury weeks cancel and general information for prospective jurors. Also, please dress appropriately as befits the seriousness and solemnity of proceedings in the highest level of Texas trial court. A full courtroom decorum and demeanor can be found here. A one-time postponement can be requested online.

Go to the section for your county. If there is no status shown for your county, or if you want to otherwise check on the status, call the number indicated.

Please click on the link, and when you get to the spreadsheet, scroll down to find your county.