Requisitioning Web Portal

Please select the web portal you require. You will be prompted for your User Code and Password each time you enter either the Add-on Portal or the Requisition Portal. Please read the description of each Portal before entering.




Not all users will have access to this Portal.

This portal is for use with the Ordering Booklet you received. The requisitioning process through this Portal is the same as last year. You will be prompted to input the BOCES # you have selected along with a quantity.

The Add-on Portal is for Supplies and Equipment that are NOT found in the Ordering Booklet. You will be prompted to choose the item Category along with the Vendor from a drop-down list. The Vendors listed are NOT approved or recommended; the catalog and Website are only used in an attempt to be consistent in the collaborative requisitioning of items by end users.


Requisitions for bulk requisitioning can be entered into the web portal until January 31, 2018.