Stop-Motion Animation

Let's get creative!
Stop-motion animation can be used to show concepts visually in almost every subject.  Storytelling, science formulas math concepts and social studies timelines can all be animated.
Using some simple tools to make and publish animations, you can soon have students making them and sharing what they have learned.
The process of using Google Slides to make an animation is similar to the original animators.
Here is an example of one of the first animation using Google Slides.

1) Start with a blank slide.
2) Create a character or two that you want to animate
3) Duplicate (Command + D) the SLIDE
4) Move your character (object) slightly.
      - The smaller the movement, the smoother your animation
5) Duplicate the SLIDE
6) Repeat 4 and 5 


 VIDEO - Duplicate & Move

 VIDEO -Testing Animation

VIDEO -Grouping Shapes

VIDEO -Using Images from Internet

Two ways to publish your animation
  1. Copy and paste the URL into a spreadsheet
  2. Use the "Embed" code to place into a web site
How to PUBLISH your animation
How to embed to Google Sites

How to embed in Blogger