Google Drawing is a great program to work with shapes, text and images.


Making shapes - 
There are over 130 different shapes you can choose from.  All shapes can be resized, rotated and colored.
Insert a shape with this button: 

Drawing - Making Shapes

Adding Text: You can add a text box anywhere on the page.  This makes a great way to annotate (write-on) images and shapes.
Changing color: You have access to a wide color palette to change background, line or text colors.

Drawing - Text Boxes

Page Setup: This setting can change the size of your canvas.  Use "Custom" to change to a specific size.  For example, you can use Custom - 100X100 Pixels to make your own digital badge. You can also set up the page to be an 8.5X11 sheet of paper.  This makes for a great report cover, newsletter or magazine cover.

Drawing - Page Setup

Insert Images: You can insert an image you already have stored on the computer or search Google Images and paste the URL (web address) to have that image inserted into your drawing.  This is best used for annotating (write-on) an image that can then be inserted into a document or slide. (see below)
Search for an image within the Drawing App to receive pictures that are allowed to be used.  Cropping and masking add cool detail to your page.

Drawing - Insert Image

Download As - The final step with Google Drawing is to convert the drawing to a file that other programs can understand.  If you are planning on sending this image to others or inserting it into a Slideshow/Document you will need to "Download as" a JPEG file.  This file will be stored in your computer (most likely the Downloads folder).

Drawing - Download as