Google Apps

Google Apps is a suite of online applications that students and teachers can use.  All of these applications can be accessed from your Google Drive or the App Launcher 

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GMAIL: Use this email application to send and receive messages.  You can access your mail from any device by logging into your Dry Creek Google Account with your email address.

CALENDAR: Set up multiple calendars to manage your busy schedule.  Share a Homework Calendar with your students for access anywhere.  You can even add a calendar to a Google Site.  Any events added in Google Calendar will automatically show up on the shared calendar or web site calendar.

DOCUMENTS: This is a word processing application that allows students to type on.  It includes all of the basic formatting functions (Bold, Underline, Justification, etc) as well as the ability to share the document with multiple users.

SHEETS: A powerful spreadsheet that helps sort, organize and calculate data.  If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, this spreadsheet will be very familiar.  Share a spreadsheet with a whole class and let students enter all the data into one file.  Great for science, weather data, spelling lists, etc.

PRESENTATION:  Very similar to PowerPoint, this application can be used to present slides to the whole class, shared as a view only or embedded into a website or blog for parents to use.  If you share/embed the presentation and then make changes it will change automatically for everyone.  This means you don't have to redo/re-share your presentation if changes are made.  This is also great for students to make reviews and share with their classmates.

FORMS: Use Google Forms to collect information.  This application can be used to give quizzes, collect science data or information from students and/or parents.  All submissions are sent to a Google Sheet for sorting and analysis.
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