Google Classroom is a great way to manage your assignments and make announcements to the whole class.
Students and Teachers access Google Classroom through their school's GAFE Account
     Posting to Multiple Classes: This feature has moved from its original spot at the bottom.
      Adding a Guardian: This new feature allows teachers to add parents/guardians to the classroom to see progress and receive announcements.

    Making Announcements: Use the "Announcement" feature to make quick announcements or send a newsletter/flyer

    Adding a Drive Item to Announcements: When you make a template (Document/Slideshow/Etc) in your Drive it can be attached to an Announcement. Items added to an Announcement will be set up as VIEW ONLY.  See below for making an assignment.
    Making an Assignment: You can add an Assignment for students to complete and turn in.
        Features: Set Due Date & Time
        Students can create a new Document, Presentation, or Spreadsheet
        Students can add an existing item from their Drive
    Drive Items Added to Assignments             
 1) Students can View: Students will have to make a copy if they want to type on it.  This setting is good for a weekly newsletter or instructions you don't want edited.
                 2) Students can Edit: Everyone can edit this one item.  This setting is good for a whole class writing assignment or data collection in a spreadsheet. PLEASE NOTE: Students will have full access to the original item.  It is recommended that you make a copy of your original and add it to your classroom.
               3) Each student gets a copy: This setting will place all the student's names on their own editable document.  This is useful if you want to distribute a copy to each student that can then be turned in.    

 SCHEDULE an assignment to appear.

Ask a Question
 This feature allows teachers to ask a quick question with a Short Answer or Multiple Choice.
 Add a Co-Teacher  This feature now allows you to add another teacher (or three, four, five, etc).  These co-teachers will be able to do everything a teacher can do: see student progress, leave comments, make announcements.....

Co-Teacher in Classroom

Calendar Integration - Students can view a calendar of upcoming due dates both within Classroom or Google Calendar

Email Students from Classroom - Teachers can email all students in a class or students who have not completed an assignment.