DCG Middle School Jazz Band

updated 5/18/17
Jazz News 2017-2018
  • I am excited to be directing the DCG MS Jazz Band for the 2017-2018 school year. A few changes will take place since I'm also directing the HS Jazz 1. We will rehearse Tuesday & Thursday from 6:45-7:40. 
  • We will be holding jazz auditions in the fall of 2017 TBD
                                       2016-2017 DCG Middle School Jazz
Allison Kinman, Molly Patterson, Cale Schmitz, Collin Fortune, Ethan Monford, Olivia Murphy, Huston Halverson

Tori Dawson, Emma Bell, Anna Christiansen, Brooklynn Kastner, Bryson Illian, Isaak Short

Sam Jones, Drew Bissell, Nathan Gardikis, Garrett Bond, Cyrus Hunter

Rhythm Section:
Kaylee Huinker, Piano
Tyler Halverson, Guitar
Harrison Stallman, Bass
Everett Bartle, Vibes
Zach Halverson, Set
Logan MacConnell, Set

MS Jazz