Welcome to Chargin' Forward 466!  This slogan was created because as DC Chargers, we are looking forward, to the future.  On November 6th, Dassel-Cokato voters will be asked to approve two questions on the ballot addressing an Operating Levy and a Bond Referendum.  In the Chargin' Forward 466 website you'll find detailed plans regarding both, see the costs, find out how it will impact you and learn about the future of Dassel-Cokato Schools.  Check back often as the website will be updated with the addition of new information and upcoming events in the community. We are a strong school and have a strong community, together we are Chargin' Forward 466!  

When voters are asked to approve an operating levy they are authorizing the school district to collect a specific amount of money through property taxes for a period of time.  A bond referendum gives voters the ability to approve proposed spending for building projects within the school district. 

On November 6th, the first question approves an operating levy for $650 per pupil.  
This levy provides funding for day-to-day school and district operating expenses, including teacher salaries, transportation costs, utilities and classroom supplies. 

The second question is to approve a bond referendum for $16,255,000.  This will increase space for student learning, enhance recreational opportunities for students and the community, improve safety and security and protect the life of the swimming pool.

Levies are for Learning....
Bonds are for Building.
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