Academic Programs

At Winston, students are pushed to reach their full potential because every child has the ability to succeed.  We offer comprehensive academic programs to our Preschool through 8th grade students. 

Winston offers:
  • 120-minute math and literacy blocks
  • Special Education services
  • Student Support Team (SST)
    SST coordinates services and initiatives related to academics, attendance, positive school culture, and health and wellness to ensure that all students receive appropriate support and necessary intervention, from general school-wide programming through intensive wrap-around support involving a wide range of service providers.  At Winston, our SST personnel include a counselor, instructional coach, nurse, security and librarian.
Our dedicated staff also monitors the progress of students in lower grades using the DIBELS assessment and BURST program to ensure that your child has the best possible academic program. 
  • DIBELS is a literacy tool that helps younger students who are struggling in reading. 
  • BURST is a reading assessment program that was created to assist teachers and students. BURST targets students that need help with reading comprehension, alphabet principle, and phonological awareness.

These are some of the academic enrichment offerings we have at Winston:
  • Art
  • Counseling
  • DC BAS and CAS tests
  • ANET testing
  • Honor Roll
  • Library
  • Mentoring
  • Music
  • Student of the month