DC redistricting after the 2010 Census

Like all jurisdictions, DC must adjust its electoral boundaries after each Decennial Census.  This site is meant to be a shared resource for all persons interested in redistricting for DC, but has particular emphasis on the redistricting process and on implementation issues that will affect DC government agencies.

The Mayor signed the Ward Redistricting Amendment Act of 2011 on July 11, 2010, establishing new 2012 Wards for the District.  That commenced a 90-day period for Ward task forces to provide reports to Council with recommendations for revisions to the ANC and SMD boundaries for DC.

The task force reports were the basis for legislation that was ultimately passed by Council and signed by the Mayor.  As of this writing, the Act delineating new ANC and SMD boundaries has been signed by the Mayor, and awaits completion of the mandatory Congressional review period.

Available Maps and Data

ANC and SMD Boundaries as passed by Council and signed by the Mayor

Materials updated for the Subcommittee in March 2012 (latest available)

Materials produced for the Subcommittee in early December, 2011

Materials produced for the November 29, 2011 Redistricting Subcommittee hearing

Materials produced for the Ward task force process

Reference Materials

  • The text of the Ward Redistricting Amendment Act of 2011 is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can I contact for more information about the redistricting process?

  • The Subcommittee on Redistricting staff can be reached at (202) 724 8198.
  • Both an introductory memorandum from the Subcommittee and a follow-up technical memorandum are available to task force members.

Can I get more maps or data?

  • Each task force will be provided with 2 copies each of Ward and ANC maps listed above.
  • A special email address has been made available for the leadership of the ward redistricting taskforces.  This allows the Office of Planning to prioritize requests from the task forces.
  • Others can request additional maps directly from the Office of Planning
    • A nominal charge applies for all map requests
    • Priority will go to supporting requests from the task forces and Council while redistricting processes are under way,
    • Due to demand for mapping services, custom map products for redistricting will not be available.  Standard map products will be available;

What about population estimates for Census Blocks that are split along SMD boundaries?

  • The Office of Planning develops DC's official estimates for the populations in each part of a Census Block when portions of a Census Block are assigned to different SMDs.
  • A specific on-line form has been made available for use by task force leadership.  The Office of Planning will only provide estimates for the numbers of residents in each part of a split Census Block when requested to do so via this form.

What about errors in the Census data?

  • As in every Census, there are errors in the 2010 Census data shown on our maps.
  • DC law requires that the official numbers be used.
  • DC has appealed the population estimates for many specific Census Blocks, but action to correct these errors is not expected from the Census Bureau in time for the task force process.