Parents and Families

Powell is a parent, family and community centered school; we believe that parents and families are a vital part of our scholars' success.

Powell has many opportunities for parents and families to become involved with the the school including:
  • Weekly Parent Coffees with the Principal and Workshops (including Family Literacy, topics from the Department of Mental Health, Office of Latino Affairs).  All parents are welcome to these Parent Leadership Team Meetings.
  • Parent Computer Classes (in both Spanish and English)
  • Parent English Classes every Thursday from 5:00pm - 6:00pm
  • Powell Parent Association = P.O.P.P - Parents Organized For The Power of Powell 
  • PIQE (a nine-week parent-training program that helps parents know what is needed to support their children’s academic success)
  • Volunteer opportunities before, during and after school
  • Parent members meet with Powell's Leadership Team every Monday
    • Make your voice heard by participating in Powell's Leadership Team Meetings by being a member of the LSRT. All public schools in the District of Columbia are required to have a functioning Local School Restructuring Team (LSRT). Members include the school's principal, a building representative, four teachers, four parents, a support staff member, and a community representative. The LSRT's mandated responsibility is to develop the local school plan. It's decisions are only advisory -- the principal is the final authority. Established by DCPS Superintendent Franklin Smith in 1992, the goal of the LSRT is to make parents, teachers, and the community more involved in the school decision-making.