LSAT Meeting Summary 03.08.12

Local School Advisory Team (LSAT) Meeting Minutes

Thursday, March 8, 2012

5:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.



I.          The meeting was called to order promptly at 5:10 p.m. by Principal Cheryl Warley.




Samantha Caruth  (PTA President/ Parent)*

Carleen Coker  (Teacher)*

Amal Disparte (Parent)*

Kendal Evans  (Teacher)*

Celeste Smallwood  (Parent)*

Shawn Smith  (Teacher)

Cheryl Warley (Principal)*

Regina Weathersby  (WTU Building Rep/LSAT Chair)*

Geraldine Wison  (Teacher)



II.         The purpose of this meeting was to finalize and submit a budget for FY 13.


III.        The minutes from the Tuesday, March 6, 2012 meeting were reviewed and accepted by the team.  No corrections were necessary.



IV.        Petitions


Before the budget entry began, Mrs. Warley stated that she had not yet heard from the budget office regarding her petitions for the following:


·        .5 Psychologist instead of 1.0 FTE which will save $47,787.00

·        The error in custodian’s salaries.  3 RW’s to 1 RW-5 (Thompson) and 2 RW-3’s (Miller and McGue).  This will lower the custodian salary from $132,697 to $117,150, a difference of $15,547. 

·        To eliminate a .5 ELL Teacher position from the budget, which will save

$47, 787.00. 






V.         Budget Entry (Mrs. Weathersby imputed the data into the system as members of the team reviewed and confirmed all entries were correct.)


            The following positions were inputted into the budget for FY 13:

·        Principal

·        Instructional Coach

·        Art Teacher

·        Music Teacher

·        PE Teacher

·        Social Worker

·        Psychologist  (1 FTE but petitioned to be changed to .5)

·        6 Special-Ed Teachers

·        4 Special-Ed Aides

·        10 PS-K Aides

·        1 Resource Aide

·        Part-time ELL Teacher  (Petitioned to be  removed)

·        1 Custodial Foreman

·        3 Custodians

·        21 General Ed teachers (PS-5 + French Teacher)

·        Librarian

·        Business Manager

·        Administrative Aide

·        Parent Coordinator


The remainder of the budget was split in various categories throughout the Non Personnel Services (NPS) categories.  The allotments are as follows:


·        Classroom Supplies - $40,000

·        Office Supplies -   $5,000

·        Custodial Supplies - $25,000

·        School Health Supplies - $500

·        Special Ed Supplies -  $2500

·        Local Travel/Field Trips - $2500

·        Employee Training - $11,650

·        Parent Partners - $2,724

·        Special Ed Equipment - $2500

·        Reference Materials - $500

·        Computers –  $25,000

·        Professional Development - $7315


It was agreed that if any changes to the budget was necessary we would use the money expected from the petitions and money from NPS to supplement any deficits.



VI.  The budget was checked to ensure that there were no positions left off at least 5 times. The budget was submitted with a zero balance.  The money that is expected to be returned after the petitions are honored will be split amongst those NPS allocations that directly affect students.


VII.   A vote was conducted to ensure that members agreed to excess the behavior tech’s position. The remaining members starred above under attendees under Roman Numeral I unanimously agreed.


VIII.  The budget was sent to the budget office electronically @ approximately 6:30 p.m.



IX.   Mrs. Warley said that if there are needed changes, especially in the area of personnel, she would more than likely have to call a meeting of the LSAT.


X.           The meeting was adjourned @ 6:40 p.m.