Welcome to the Information Technology Staff Augmentation (ITSA) Contract page. This page can be used by the general public to learn more about the ITSA contract and how it's used in the District government. 
A brief description of the ITSA contract can be found in the press release issued by the District in August 2008.
A new ITSA Blog was started on 12/12/2008 to provide up-to-date ITSA-related information to the publc and CBE Subcontracting Vendors.  The ITSA Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) will use this page as a communication channel to the public regarding ITSA.  Check this page first when visiting this site.
The site was also reorganized.  You can find all of the information ever contained on this website, including the ITSA RFP and solicitation information, under the Archived Content page.
The most current and comprehensive information about the ITSA implementation is found at This page, maintained by the Prime Contractor (OST), will include training and procedures for vendors as well as quarterly reports on ITSA activity.
The ITSA CBE Roundtable Presentation from 6/4/2009 is shown at the right.

Google Presentation