School Uniforms

Dress Code

James A. Garfield has endorsed a school uniform policy to include the wearing of uniforms by boys and girls. Many of our families have found that the wearing of uniforms is both cost effective and a self-esteem builder.  Because of the many environmental factors in the neighborhood surrounding our school, the wearing of school uniforms has eliminated the many "gang and group" related appearances of code of dress.  We know that our students are not members of crews and the like, however, when individuals pass the school playground or as students walk to and from school, assumptions can be made.   Others see “certain color shirts and blue jeans, baggy and loose fitting pants and certain designed t-shirts" or any of the other similar noted codes of dress as signs of group membership--even if what our students have on has no relationship whatsoever.  We believe that we further reduce the possible violence factors with our school uniforms. 

All Garfield Elementary School students will wear school uniforms daily:

     All shirts and blouses will be tucked in at all times.

     Pants must be worn at waist (with belt if necessary)

     Pants worn may not be tight-fitting, stretch pants, bicycle pants or stretch  jeans.


         Boys:  green pants or knee-length shorts and yellow shirt (optional green tie)


 Girls:  green pants, skirt or jumper and yellow blouse (optional green tie)


Students should wear clothing that does not expose their stomachs, backs, buttocks or be split at the underarm area to the waist.  (This includes head start, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students.)  No design, message or depiction neither of a sexually-explicit nature nor of a nature to initiate and illegal or violent action should be depicted on clothing such as t-shirts and sweatshirts. Students MAY NOT wear tennis shoes with wheels or that light up with flashing lights.


The wearing of excessive and expensive jewelry is discouraged as schools are not responsible for their lost.  Students MAY NOT wear bandannas at any time.