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DDD Main Line


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1st Floor/Reception Area


DDS Customer Service 202-442-8686                                 
Duty Officer         202-498-9077


Showing 433 items
Last NameFirst NameTitleLocationPrimary Contact NumberSecondary Contact Number
Last NameFirst NameTitleLocationPrimary Contact NumberSecondary Contact Number
Adkins Zalina Clinical Dietitian  549-1710  
Adkisson Jeffrey IT Specialist Customer Service Support 2nd Floor  271-1629  
Akingbade Abimbola Business Specialist 9th Floor 262-2792  
Akwensioge Veronica Service Coordinator 8th Floor 510-8862  
Albright Tisharra Service Coordinator 8th Floor 510-3438  
Alexander Errin Service Coordinatior 8th Floor 716-0193  
Alexander-Liggins Venice Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-9669  
Allen Cassandra Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0451  
Amegbe Annissa Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-7772  
Anthony Colin Supervisory VR Specialist 9th Floor 442-8599 262-7428 
Appleman Nicole Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8519 288-7761 
Asonganyi Alice Service Coordinator 8th Floor 527-3190  
Atkinson Kelli Quality Improvement Specialist 3rd Floor 510-3464  
Back Mark Acting General Counsel 4th Floor 730-1592 341-6463 
Bailey-Charles Sylvia Supervisory Business Unit 9th Floor 442-8494 503-7891 
Baldwin Melissa VR Specialist 9th Floor 527-5491  
Banaci Wilfred Service Coordinator 8th Floor 360-1154  
Baptiste Arica Adminstrative Assistant 3rd Floor 730-1711  
Barnes Tyisha Service Coordinator 8th floor 258-6536  
Baxter Antonio Agency Fiscal Officer 4th Floor 730-1551 870-6764 
Baxter Antonio Agency Fiscal Officer 4th Floor 730-1551  
Bedeau Veronica Medical Consultant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8451  
Beidleman, III Robert (Steve)  IT Specialist (System Analysis) 2nd Floor 680-0635  
Benson Sarah Service Coordniator 8th Floor 680-2616  
Benton Tania Secretary 9th Floor 442-8431  
Bernadel Rhode Client Services Liaison 8th Floor 870-1493  
Bheemreddy Srinivas Chief Information Officer (CIO) 2nd Floor 730-1560 258-0543 
Bichali Raghu IT Specialist (DDD) 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8523  
Bini Chaye Nurse Consultant 3rd Floor 870-4720  
Binns Jacqueline Nurse Consultant 8th Floor 374-1349  
Black Glynic Community Health Nurse 3rd Floor 590-7427  
Black Stephanie Service Coordinator 8th floor 495-8698  
Bolden Cheryl Staff Assistant 9th Floor 442-8411  
Bonsack Deborah Deputy Director for Administration 4th Floor 730-1715 341-4819 
Boone Rose Clerical Assistant 2nd Floor 730-1576  
Botop Jason Assistant Attorney General (OAG) 4th Floor 730-1695 615-7920 
Boykin Nicole Manager Analyst 9th Floor 442-8471 615-9728 
Bradford Sherard Resource Specialist 8th Floor 680-4588  
Bradley Felisha Accounting Clerk 9th Floor 442-8476  
Brandon Janet Medical Consultant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8865  
Brooks Sharvey Service Coordinator 8th Floor 507-1577  
Brown Deborah Supervisory, VR Specialist 9th Floor 442-8613 870-3294 
Brown Patricia Staff Assistant 8th Floor 730-1619  
Brown Shasta Supervisory Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1609 870-9778 
Brown Byron IT Specialist (Network) 2nd Floor 680-0851  
Brown Monica Contracts Specialist 4th Floor 730-1861  
Brunson Cynthia Nurse 3rd Floor 368-4980  
Bryant Darlene Medicaid Waiver Specialist 8th Floor 730-1790  
Bryant Angel  Program Manager  9th Floor 442-8594 251-1219 
Bryson-Walker Ericka Quality Reviewer Specialist 2nd Floor 870-1871  
Buchanan Virginia Rehabilitation Assistant 9th Floor 442-8457 442-8672 (group #) 
Buckley Melonie Human Resource Specialist 2nd Floor 730-1577  
Bullock Tenesha Administrative Assistant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8415  
Burgess Monica Secretary 9th Floor 442-8445  
Burrage Theresa Supervisory Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1623 870-8202 
Byrd Willie Supervisory Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1612 527-3343 
Byrd-Williams Callie Contract Administrator 4th Floor 730-1716 870-8138 
Caine Keisha Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-8258  
Calloway Gretchen Secretary 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8540  
Campbell Kimberly Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8513  
Cannon Bey Aurelia Customer Relations Specialist 4th Floor 730-1828 689-9147 
Cassis Glenn Supervisory, VR Specialist 9th Floor 442-8630 679-1392 
Caughman Gregory Supervisory Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1765 527-4854 
Chambers Lavonne VR Specilist 9th Floor 442-8465 255-4575 
Charles Beverly Service Coordinator 8th Floor 527-3261  
Chase Bryan Supervisory Investigator 3rd Floor 730-1523 538-0337 
Chibikom Doris Service Coordinator 8th Floor 527-5361  
Chiejine Nanya Quality Improvement Specialist 3rd Floor 615-0261  
Chin Minh Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8515  
Clarke Marc Mortality Review Coordinator 3rd Floor 527-5199  
Clayborne Brooke Staff Assistant  9th Floor 442-8423  
Coffman Greg Superviosry, Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1610 615-9420 
Cofino Roberto Program Analyst 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8510 340-9945 
Coker-Johnson Joyce Transitional Specialist 9th Floor 590-7714  
Collier Jo Ann Program Support Assistant 2nd Floor 730-1857  
Coronado Jaime Interpreter 9th Floor 507-1747  
Cott Patricia Medical Consultant 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0437  
Cowans Toni  Customer Relations Specialist 4th Floor 442-8686 590-7713 
Crawford Alexis Nurse Consultant 2nd Floor 480-5929  
Crawley  Brandi Program Development Specialist 4th Floor 730-1827  
Cruz Esmeraldo (Rallie) Contract Administrator 4th Floor 730-1862  
Cummings Beverly Rehabilitation Assistant 9th Floor 442-8564  
Cummings Taylor VR Specialist 9th Floor 262-0393  
Curry Anita Staff Assistant 9th Floor 442-8624 870-7752 
Daley Virginia  VR Specialist 9th Floor 550-7317  
Daniels Errol VR Specialist 9th Floor 258-7872  
Davidson William Support Services Supervisor 2nd Floor 730-1684  
Davis Brenda Service Coordinator 8th Floor 507-1745  
Davis Dena VR Specialist 9th Floor 507-1742  
Davis Maurice Medicaid Waiver Specialist 8th Floor 730-1566  
Day Dennis Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0454  
Dease-Lyons Inga VR Specialist 9th Floor 527-4894  
DeBerry Linda Program Support Assistant 8th Floor 730-1614  
Delapenha Paulette Nurse Practioner 3rd Floor 615-0692  
Delehanty Janet Provider Certification Unit 2nd Floor 730-1710 567-1029  
DePass Trevor Quality Reviewer  2nd Floor 604-5897  
Diaz Gilda Rehabilitation Assistant 9th Floor 442-8579  
Dickerson-Daniels Kim Quality Reviewer 2nd Floor 510-2759  
Dieu My Kinh Clerical Assistant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8534  
Dixon Katrina Service Coordinator 8th Floor 503-8380  
Doby Dionne Claims Examiner 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8535  
Dockery Deborah Program Specialist 1st Floor (Intake Office) 442-9722  
Donaldson SoTura Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-2491  
Donaldson Nadege Investigator 3rd Floor 679-2173  
Dougherty Daniel Program Coordinator 9th Floor 527-3562  
Dumbuya Alphina Investigator 3rd Floor 679-1864  
Dunwell Yvonne Clerical Assistant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8522  
Eason Charmaine VR Specialist 9th Floor 590-7574  
Easterling  Kisharo Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-7297  
Edens Ikenya HR Specialist 2nd Floor 730-1787  
Edwards-Mack LaKedia Clerical Assistant 8th Floor 730-1791  
Elder Shaneen Rehabilitation Assistant 9th Floor 442-8424  
Eley-Brame Lisa Service Coordinator 8th Floor 286-2037  
Ellis Germesa VR Specialist 9th Floor 510-5894  
Ellis Crowder Delois Service Coordinator 8th Floor 631-2071  
Engeler William Orientation & Mobility Specialist 9th Floor 615-7767  
Eniola Kayode Service Coordinator 8th Floor 615-6171  
Epperson Emma Secretary 9th Floor 442-8434  
Esambe Ernestine Service Coordinator 8th Floor 549-1557  
Evans Darryl Supervisory Management Analyst 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8490 425-2603 
Exton Robin Supervisory Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1559 834-0044 
Fasakin Toyin VR Specialist 9th Floor 442-8499 870-9741 
Fawehinmi Khaleel Financial Services Technician 4th Floor 442-8479  
Fields-Bennett Vanessa Voucher Examiner 9th Floor 442-8756  
Fleurival MarieAndree Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-8219  
Fofana Musu Supervisory Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1621 285-9283 
Forde Barnes Jennifer Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0469 590-7409 
Foster Beatrice Service Coordinator 9th Floor 359-2516  
Franklin Drew VR Specialist 9th Floor 590-7657  
Gabriel Danielle Nurse  3rd Floor 436-4839  
Gardiner Kevin Assistant Attorney General (OAG) 4th Floor 730-1825  
Garrison Shanel Program Support Assistant 8th Floor 730-1556  
Gillespie Sam  1227 25th Street, NW 442-8513  
Gordon Sasha Service Coordinator 8th Floor  262-5138  
Gray Jessica Assistant Attorney General (OAG) 4th Floor 730-1701 615-8132 
Gregory Tate Tonya Claims Examiner 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8550  
Griffin Judy Superviosry, VR Specialist 9th Floor 442-8463 590-7408 
Grimes-Hawkins Linda Staff Assistant 9th Floor 442-8474 442-8670 (group #) 
Grochala Christin  VR Specialist 9th Floor 262-2942  
Gross Erica HR Specialist 2nd Floor 730-1689  
Guillaume Ben Nurse Consultant 3rd Floor 834-3909  
Guy Fikicia HR/Training Assistant 2nf Floor 730-1728 664-0486 
Hall Pauletter Health Insurance Analyst 8th Floor 730-1569 615-9508 
Hall Karey Investigator 3rd Floor 679-2494  
Handon Michael  VR Specialist 9th Floor. 590-7646  
Hardy Pamela Program Analyst 8th Floor 730-1591  
Harmon Mitchell Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0452  
Harmon Pamela Service Coordinator 8th Floor 738-2625  
Harris Juanina (Nina) Administrative Support Special 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0464  
Harris Robert  Voucher Examiner 9th Floor 442-8478  
Harris Jocelyn Public Affairs Specialist 4th Floor 730-1687 664-2162 
Harris Khalil Service Coordinator 8th Floor   
Hawkins Patricia Program Analyst 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8529  
Hawkins Michelle Community Liaison Specialist 8th Floor 730-1813  
Hedayati Siavosh Provider Resource Specialist 9th Floor 341-8583  
Heiser Nancy Medical Consultant 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0462  
Hemphill Alex Medical Officer 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0541  
Hemphill Karen Lead Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-4810  
Henderson Ervin Resource Specialist 8th Floor 631-1472  
Henderson-Grays Malika Nurse Consultant 8th Floor 615-8254  
Henry-Bush Darnise Staff Assistant 9th Floor 442-8432  
Henry III Clarence  IT Specialist/System Analysis 2nd Floor 262-6433  
Hernandez Gria Human Capitol Administrator 2nd Floor 730-1629 527-3414 
Heroe Justina Staff Assistant 4th Floor 730-1586  
Hill Tina Administrative Support Specialist (Contracts) 4th Floor 730-1717  
Hill Maureen Contract Specialist 4th Floor 730-1522  
Hilliard Latryce Lead Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-7565  
Hinds Mary Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1664  
Hodges James Service Coordiantor 8th Floor 297-5861  
Hodges Anthony Provider Relations Specialist 8th Floor 730-1646  
Hollins Jovita  VR Specialist 9th Floor 590-7410  
Hubbard Syretta Program Support Specialist 2nd Floor 730-1786 730-1605 
Idike Chinaedu Nurse Consultant 8th Floor 297-7428  
Isaac Wendi Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-4730  
Iyer Nithya Claims Examiner 1227 25th Street, NW 442-9489  
Jackman Beverly Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-4208  
Jackman Rhonda Service Coordinator 8th Floor 689-5161  
Jackson Adrienne Investigator 3rd Floor 304-0773  
Jackson Dianne Supervisory, Quality Improvement Specialist 3rd Floor 730-1743 664-7471 
Jackson Anthony Housekeeping Aide 1st Floor 730-1820  
JaiAni Vasil Management Analyst 4th Floor 550-3287  
Jefferson Candice Service Coordinator 8th Floor 507-1966  
Johnson Miguel Supervisory Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8555 340-9795 
Johnson Tiffani Rights and Advocacy Specialist 3rd Floor 730-1802  
Johnson Willette Voucher Examiner 9th Floor 442-8753  
Johnson Damian VR Specialist 9th Floor 679-2678  
Johnson Donna Medical Support Assistamt (QA) 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8532  
Johnson Dahila Staff Assistant 9th Floor 442-8748  
Johnson Sallie Service Coordinator 8th Floor 510-1739  
Johnson-Kone Linda Program Monitor 9th Floor 590-7721  
Jones Kandace VR Specialist 9th Floor 285-2264  
Jones Tyrone VR Specialist 9th Floor 510-5891  
Jones-Kinney Marlene Supervisory Vocational Rehabilitation Specialist 9th Floor 442-8450 285-9335 
Jones-Williams Kittrell Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-8404  
Jordan Rosemary Service Coordinator (Consultant) 8th Floor  550-9647  
Jordan Candice VR Specialist 9th Floor 442-8492  285-9354 
Kafuka Isabelle Program Support Assistant 8th Floor 730-1669  
Kaikai Nooru Service Coordinator 8th Floor 507-0330  
Kawunde Deogratias AT Specialist 9th Floor 431-4643  
Keefe Johnathan VR Specialist 9th Floor  590-7618 
Kellam Charles Support Services Assistant (MV Operator) 1st Floor 286-9366  
Kenney Ronald Supervisory Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8526 262-7638 
Keohanam Tawn Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0460  
King Charolette Quality Assurance Specialist 9th Floor 527-5604  
King Kwane Service Coordinator 8th Floor 527-5021  
Kinlaw Raymond  VR Specialist 9th Floor 590-7526  
Kirika John VR Specialist Supervisor 9th Floor 442-8419 258-9642 
Klusmann Tasha Supervisory Resource Specialist 3rd Floor 730-1751 258-9520 
Koehler Mary Business Relation Specialist 9th Floor 595-4499  
Kowobari Olaitan Supervisory, Social Insurance Specalist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8521 679-4180 
Kraemer Martina Program Analyst 3rd Floor 664-7441  
Kum Reuben Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-8229  
Lambert Cynthia Occupational Therapist  239-9318  
Lee Paula  Administrative Specialist 8th Floor 730-1784  
Lehigh Cynthia Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8537  
Lester Audrey Service Coordinator 8th Floor 615-0541  
Leveton Erin Legislative and Policy Analyst 4th Floor 730-1754 503-8692 
Lewis Robin Investigator 3rd Floor 679-3713  
Lindsay Vicky Investigator 3rd Floor 679-2682  
Little Kayrifa Service Coordinator 8th Floor 664-2998  
Lowry Franklin Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0543  
Luckey Raymond Investigator 3rd Floor 510-3196  
Lynne-James Kimberly Quality Improvement Specialist 3rd Floor 279-0871  
Lyon-Noel Antoinette Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-6202  
Mantena Suresh IT Programmmer  2nd Floor 730-1598  
Manu Charles Supervisory, Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1603 507-2820 
Marable Ronica VR Specialist (Trainer) 9th Floor 262-3225  
Marshall Chanel Service Coordinator 8th Floor   
Marshall Gail Procuement Support Specialist (PASS) 9th Floor 442-8481  
Martin Lydia Service Coordinator 8th Floor 510-8673  
Mathews Mundackal Support Services Assistant (MV Operator) 1st Floor 497-5045  
Maye Evelyn Transitional Specialist 9th Floor 590-7719  
MBide Judith Service Coordinator 8th Floor 631-1224  
Mcbride Jamein Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-6963  
McClain Curtis Program Monitor 9th Floor 590-7585  
Mcconnon Regina Claims Examiner 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8884  
McKeemer Bonnie Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8516  
McKenzie Sonja Service Coordinator 8th Floor 834-3280  
McMorris Jacqueline Medical Consultant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-  
Miggins Gerard Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-7748  
Milburn Tikeya VR Specialist 9th Floor 590-7584  
Miles-Andrews Angel Social Insurance Specialist 1225 25th Street, NW 442-8528  
Miller Alnita Social Worker 3rd Floor  730-1725  
Minah Melissa Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0469  
Mitchell Yolanda  VR Specialist 9th Floor 527-5485 540-8461 - Video Phone 
Mitchell Shannon Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8416  
Mobley-Bradley Christina VR Specialist 9th Floor 527-5052  
Monroe Emile Medicaid Waiver Specialist 8th Floor 730-1558  
Moore Lorraine  Nurse Consultant 3rd Floor 510-2290  
Moore Airka Staff Assistant (CFO) 4th Floor 730-1561  
Moore Delicia Agency CFO (OFC) 4th Floor 730-1551 257-6691 
Moore Julia Service Coordinator 8th Floor 251-2460  
Morgan-Butler Sureta Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8539  
Morris Thomas (Jared) Quality Division Director  4th Floor 730-1548 531-2859 
Morrison Holly Deputy Director of DDA 8th Floor 730-1757 590-7718 
Morton Mishana Rehabilitation Assistant 9th floor 442-8482  
Moses Sherin Service Coordinator 8th Floor 870-6802  
Mullins Jennifer Assistant Attorney General (OAG) 4th Floor 590-7716  
Muoka-Ruffin Ifeoma Service Coordinator 8th floor 870-4797  
Neal Tamika Service Coordinator 8th Floor 510-8668  
Neboh Edmund VR Specialist 9th Floor 442-8633 590-7536 
Negasi Yikuno Records Management Technician 2nd Floor 730-1858  
Nelson Casey Clinical Psychologist 3rd Floor 730-1767 285-3759 
Neveldine Felicia Quality Reviewer 3rd Floor 262-5576  
Newman Gail Service Coordinator 8th Floor 615-7037  
Nnah Christopher Service Coordinator 8th Floor 631-5535  
Norman Jimmy Nurse Consultant 8th Floor 527-5103  
Nuss Laura Director for DDS 4th Floor 730-1607 257-6698 
Nwagwu Vivian Nurse Educator (Consultant) 8th Floor 527-5268  
Nyarko Joshua VR Specialist 9th Floor 285-9271  
Oben Jiji Investigator 3rd Floor 510-5873  
Oboh Ebosele Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8495  
Odinma Iheanancho VR Specialist 9th Floor 604-5896  
Ojetola Adenike Service Coordinator 8th Floor 615-7122  
Okanlawon Jessica VR Specialist 9th Floor 271-1220  
Okona Anthony Supervisory, VR Specialist 9th Floor 442-8573 664-2427 
Okpalobi Anderson Quality Improvement Specialist 3rd Floor 510-8640  
Omonigho Ufomato SODA 4th Floor 527-4686  
Onyemem Ware Thelma Lead Service Coordinator 8th Floor 527-5184  
Oriaku Chidi Service Coordinator 8th Floor 527-4789  
Otuya Chinyere Nurse 3rd Floor 340-3358  
Page Anthony HR Specialist 2nd Floor 730-1737  
Panjeti Rekha V Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0540  
Parkar Chanelle Waiver Specialist 8th Floor 730-1525  
Parker Juliette Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0468  
Parker Oliver J Transportation Coordinator 8th floor 730-1564  
Parker Samantha S Service Coordinator 8th floor 870-7672  
Parker Lakeyia VR Specialist 9th Floor 297-0403  
Parker Bernetrice Service Coordinator 8th Floor 531-9266  
Paschal Tony Business Specialist 9th Floor 590-7700  
Patel Neha Deputy General Counsel (OAG) 4th Floor 679-3142  
Peel Teresa  Administrative Assistant 3rd Floor 730-1529  
Petcu Mihai Human Resource Assistant 2nd Floor 730-1712  
Phillips Irener Service Coordinator 8th floor 590-7411  
Pinder Ester Medical Consultant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8414  
Pittiglo Megan Budget Analyst OCFO 4th Floor 730-1552  
Pitts Kenneth Lead Service Coordinator 8th floor 680-2617  
Poindexter Tonya Executive Assistant to the Director 4th Floor 730-1583 738-2605 
Poindexter Crystal J Investigator 3rd floor 679-3873  
Powell Yolanda M Program Support Assistant 3rd floor 730-1524  
Preneta Kasia Assistant Attorney General (OAG) 4th Floor 615-0953  
Presley Sarah VR Specialist 9th Floor 251-4996  
Pressley Kovina Service Coordinator 8th Floor 288-4932  
Quarels-Owens Shirley Supervisory Community Health Nurse 3rd Floor 730-1708 615-8268 
Randall Jr Joseph J Support Services Clerk (MVO) 1st floor 412-1635  
Rapp Eugenia VR Specialist 9th floor 527-5029  
Reed Kevin Management Analyst 3rd Floor 730-1574  
Reese Andrew Director, RSA 8th Floor 442-8606 341-6043 
Reynolds Angela Resource Specialist 8th floor 527-4246  
Rich Jonathan Supervisory Investigator 3rd Floor 730-1863 256-8569 
Richardson Darlene Administrative Officer 4th Floor 730-1550  
Riley Danyel Contract Specialist 4th Floor 730-1733  
Roberts Charlotte Management Analyst 2nd Floor 510-8921  
Roberts Bianca Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8514  
Robinson Paulette Complaince Specialist 3rd Floor 262-3710  
Robinson K. Monique Service Coordinator 8th floor 507-1982  
Robinson Marsha L Contracting Officer 4th Floor 730-1628  
Roe Linda Health & Wellness 3rd floor 341-5987  
Romain Vernon A Service Coordinator 8th floor 870-7243  
Rooths Rashanda Service Coordinator 8th Floor 680-0164  
Rosen Mattthew Program Specialist 3rd Floor 730-1530 285-4937 
Ross Kennon Service Coordinator 8th Floor 615-6068  
Rosser Brenda Budget Analyst OCFO 4th Floor 730-1553  
Roth Shirley Registered Nurse 3rd FLoor 240-461-2235  
Rucker Delores Coding Clerk 1227 25th Street, NW 442-9482  
Salon Rebecca Consultant 4th floor 730-1600 679-1262 
Sams Marla Service Coordinator 8th Floor 360-5313  
Sawyer Kathy Evans Consultant 4th Floor 730-1600  
Scott Brenda Service Coordinator 8th Floor 615-7872  
Scott Cynthia Program Support Specialist 8th floor 730-1760  
Sewell Miriam VR Specialist 9th Floor 679-1560  
Shamwell Helen  Program Support Assistant 4th floor 442-8485  
Shell Theodore A Service Coordinator 8th floor 870-7245  
Shelton-Coleman Theresa IT Specialist/Agency Telecom Coordinator 2nd Floor 442-8425 271-1411 
Shepard-Smith Fredrica Nurse Consultant 8th Floor 604-5895  
Shuler Tonia Administrative Assistant 3rd Floor 730-1571  
Shumate William Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0543  
Siklo Timothy D Service Coordinator 8th floor 527-3260  
Siko Dweh Service Coordinator 8th Floor 297-3384  
Siler Marquita VR Specialist 9th floor 442-8693 590-7533 
Simmons Ann M Executive Assistant 8th floor 730-1589  
Simmons-Graves Lynette Service Coordinator 8th Floor 615-3693  
Singleton Syedah Quality Improvement Specialist 3rd floor 368-4611  
Smith Cheryl Supervisory, Medical Waiver Program 8th Floor 730-1585 341-8830 
Smith Arkieva Investigator 3rd Floor 679-2351  
Smith Carolyn Supervisory Service Coordinator 8th floor 730-1741 507-1578 
Smith Jelanie Program Monitor 2nd Floor 903-9261  
Smith Shermell T Clerical Assistant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8884  
Smith Jesse G Service Coordinator 8th floor 527-5430  
Smith Shauntice Service Coordinator  8th Floor 297-8955  
Smith Donnie E Quailty Improvement Specialist 3rd floor 531-7253  
Smith Jacquelin Service Coordinator 8th Floor 834-3828  
Smith Shanda  Program Support Specialist 8th floor 730-1670  
Smith Tamara L Service Coordinator 8th floor 870-8495  
Smith Catherine VR Specialist 9th floor 253-8242  
Smith Sonya L Compliance Specialist 3rd floor 255-8162  
Smith-McCall Roslyn Resource Specialist 8th Floor 422-4345  
Spann Michael VR Specialist 9th Floor 368-7093  
Spaulding Prentice Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW  442-8524  
Spaulding Jerhonda K Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0457  
Stachowiak Barbara Program Director/Program Certfication Unit 3rd Floor 730-1702 570-0056 
Starwood Tonya (Nicole) Contract Specialist 4th floor 730-1690  
Sternschuss Sabrina Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0459  
Stevenson Reneice Program Monitor (Randolph Sheppard) 9th Floor 288-1064  
Steward Shwanna D Service Coordinator 8th floor 730-1634  
Stewart Rhonell D VR Specialist 9th floor 590-7534  
St. Pierre Charlotte Supervisory Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1611 590-7537 
Stroman Ethel A Program Support Assistant 2nd floor 730-1633  
Strong Michael A Resource Specialist 8th floor 870-9670  
Strother Terrell Administrative Assistant 442-8530   
Styron Hilary Emergency Management Contractor 4th Floor 870-1320  
Summers Lerline File Clerk 1st floor 442-8646  
Tate Tonya Coding Clerk 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8550  
Taylor Tracey L Planning and Resource Allocation 8th floor 730-1753  
Terrell Gregory A  Compliance Specialist 3rd floor 730-1541  
Terry Stephanie L Service Coordinator 8th floor 870-8467  
Terry-Leonard Brenda Psychologist 3rd Floor 258-8913  
Thomas LaShondra Speech and Language Pathologist  239-9320  
Thompson Christina Programm Development Speciailist 4th Floor 730-1686  
Thompson Monica A Clerical Assistant 4th floor 730-1685  
Thompson Barbara M  Human Resource Specialist (Classification) 2nd floor 730-1718  
Thorpe Cheryl D Transition Specialist 9th floor 590-7560  
Toney Nelson VR Specialist 9th floor 497-5052  
Toney Charis VR Specialist 9th Floor 590-7409  
Towsend Audrey Investigator 3rd Floor 510-5909  
Trawick Kim M  Program Analyst 3rd Floor 730-1696  
Traylor Timothy C Community Liaison Specialist 8th floor 730-1807  
Trimmer Helena Family Team Facilitator  8th Floor 730-1735 590-7619 
Turay Jameela Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0452  
Tyree Shirlinette Health Insurance Analyst 8th floor 730-1785 615-0115 
Van Atta Frank Business Specialist 9th Floor 679-4568  
VanHorn Yolanda Clinical Psychologist 3rd floor 730-1637 527-5541 
Varghese Vince Client Services Liaison 8th Floor 271-9304  
Verma Linda Clerical Assistant 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0455  
Villanueva Nestor Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0545 262-4151 
Vine-Richardson Darlene D Administrative Officer 4th floor 730-1550  
Von-Stitt Catherine Physical Therapist  603-1848  
Waldrip Shontae' VR Specialist 9th Floor 503-8212  
Walker Janice Budget Officer 4th Floor 730-1567  
Walker Anika S Clerical Assistant 8th floor 730-1563  
Walker Harriet Service Coordinator 8th floor 870-8225  
Ware Maleka Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0450  
Weiss Gavin Performance Management Administrator 4th Floor 730-1759 304-2077 
Westbury Dylan VR Specialist 9th Floor 503-8149 540-8683 (video) 
White Daveena Program Analyst 2nd Floor 510-6993  
White Milton Program Analyst 3rd floor 730-1539  
White Andre Human Resource Specialist 2nd Floor 730-1713  
Whittington Karen M Program Monitor 2nd floor 442-8469  
Whyte Alison Program Analyst 3rd Floor 870-9640  
Wiggans Parrish Liberty Staff 3rd Floor 680-4061  
Williams Richard Assistant Attorney General (OAG) 4th Floor 590-7720  
Williams Desiree Supervisory, Service Coordinator 8th Floor 730-1781 538-3043 
Williams Sharma VR Assistant 9th Floor 442-8692  
Williams Violet Clerical Assistant 1227 25th Street, NW 741-0466   
Williams Lenore C Compliance Specialist 3rd floor 510-3372  
Williams Dionne Service Coordinator 8th Floor 497-5082  
Williams Danae VR Specialist 9th Floor 507-1751  
Williamson Sharon Rehabilitation Assistant 9th floor 442-9701  
Wilson Simone Investigator 3rd floor 615-8629  
Wilson Shirley Clerical Assistant 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8865  
Winn Sara Claims Examiner 1227 25th Street, NW 442-9486  
Wohl Betsy M VR Specialist 9th floor 540-8497 - Video Phone  
Womack Linda Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8543  
Woodcock William Program Operation Manager 8th Floor 730-1575 258-5513 
Woodland Winslow Director, Service Planning Coordination Division 8th Floor 730-1618 498-9529 
Wynn Frances Social Insurance Specialist 1227 25th Street, NW   
Xia Jun VR Specialist 9th Floor   
Ymalay Romeo Management Analyst 9th Floor 442-8459 503-8540 
Young Keith Claims Examiner 1227 25th Street, NW 442-8544  
Young Taj Human Resource Specialist 2nd floor 730-1719  
Young Meredith VR Specialist 9th Floor 738-2651  
Young Derrick Program Assistant (OAG) 4th Floor 730-1647  
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