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Kimball Elementary



Kimball Elementary School

Next SIT meeting: April 4, 2018 5:30PM - Sousa Middle School
Next Community meeting: April 4, 2018 6:30PM - Sousa Middle School

Project Overview

Located at 3375 Minnesota Ave SE, the original Kimball School is a red brick, two story structure built in 1942 with additions in 1949 and 1966. Kimball School was named for Ephraim Gardner Kimball a teacher in the late 1800’s. 

Kimball was built post WWII at a time when the city was growing rapidly. In the 1950’s, with a capacity for 700 students, the school was so over crowded, some classes were held at the Sousa MS annex. The 1966 addition increased the capacity to over 1,000 students. With smaller class sizes and more programmatic supports, the capacity of Kimball ES was reported in the 2015 Master Facilities Plan update as 398. 

The combined square footage of the three buildings on campus is 83,400 or 208 SF per student. This exceeds the DCPS guideline that is approximately 150 SF per student suggesting that there may be excess space on the campus.

Kimball ES sits on 1.48 acres and the entire site is covered with the four buildings and a blacktop area that is used for both staff parking and a small playground. Adjacent fields are owned by the National Park Service.

Project Details

Kimball Elementary School Modernization Project

Location: 3375 Minnesota Ave SE

Ward: 7

Overall Project Budget: $51M 

Construction Start Date: Fall 2017

Completion Date: Summer 2019

DGS Project Manager: Jamil Hamilton

Feasibility Study Architect: R. McGhee & Associates

Project Architect: hord | copland | macht

General Contractor: MCN Build

Phase: Design Development 

DCPS SIT Coordinator: Toussaint Webster

Education Specification: Kimball Education Specification Oct. 2015


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