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Hyde-Addison Elementary School
Hyde-Addison Elementary School


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Project Overview

Addison Elementary School, adjacent to Hyde Elementary School, is located at 3246 P Street, NW, Washington, DC 20007 and was fully modernized in 2008 and became part of the new Hyde-Addison elementary school complex, a shared campus with entrances on O and P Streets, NW.  The Hyde building received a modernization during the summer of 2014. 

The project currently in construction involves the construction of an addition to Hyde-Addison Elementary which will connect the two buildings and provide additional academic spaces and "specials" spaces to meet the academic needs of the students.

Project Details

School: Hyde-Addison Elementary School Modernization Project
Ward: 2
Construction Type: Renovation/Addition
Project Completion: Summer 2019
DGS Project Manager: Burt Jackson
Architect: Shinberg Levinas Architects
Contractor: MCN Build, Inc.
DCPS Contact: Amanda Ou
Current Status: Construction began in Summer 2017. Students are at Meyer Elementary School for School Year 17-18 and School Year 18-19.
Budget: $42.1M

Education Specification (EdSpec): Ed Spec Hyde-Addison June 2016