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Eliot-Hine Middle School


1830 Constitution Ave NE

Eliot-Hine Industrial Hygienist (IH) Evaluation of Post Storm Water Damage and Renovations (August 29, 2018)

Eliot-Hine Sampling Final Report (August 17, 2018)

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Summer 2018 Construction Activity Update and Industrial Hygienist Reports

Project Overview

The existing Eliot-Hine Middle School was built in 1931 with a capacity of 850 students. The school is scheduled for comprehensive modernization with construction to begin in Summer 2018. Planning began in 2016 with the development of an educational specification, community engagement meetings, and a feasibility study. The Department of General Services (DGS), DC Public Schools (DCPS), and the architect is working with the School Improvement Team (SIT) comprised of school staff and parents and members of the community to develop concepts for the school based on program, student, teacher and community needs. The ‘new’ Eliot-Hine Middle School will provide a learning environment that is safe, universally accessible, and comfortable for students. The building will meet or exceed sustainability guidelines for LEED Gold and be an asset to the neighborhood.

Project Details

Eliot-Hine Middle School Modernization Project

Location: 1830 Constitution Ave., NE
Ward: 6
Overall Project Budget: $84.2m
Architects: Perkins Eastman DC
General Contractors: Turner Construction
Project Managers: Meg Davis and Elias Pace
Design Status: Concept Design
Budget Estimate: $84.2m
Project Status: Design - Planning, Concept
Project Start: Summer 2018
Project Completion: Fall 2020
DCPS Contact: Oni Hinton

Project Materials

Meeting Materials

Community ANC Meeting (7/12/2018)

    SIT Meeting #11 (6/13/2018)

    Community Meeting (6/13/2018)

    SIT Meeting #10 (5/15/2018)

    Eliot-Hine Community Presentations (April 2018)

    SIT Meeting #9 (4/4/2018)

    SIT Meeting #8 (1/24/2018)

    SIT Meeting #7 (10/18/2017)

    SIT Meeting #6 (5/1/2017)

    SIT Meeting #5 (2/23/2017)

    SIT Meeting #4 (11/30/2016)

    SIT Meeting #3 (10/17/2016)

    SIT Meeting #2 (5/19/2016)

    SIT meeting #1 (3/1/2016)

    Previous Project Updates