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Bruce-Monroe ES at Park View

Bruce-Monroe Elementary School @ Park View

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Project Overview / Project Description

The school located at the intersection of Warder and Newton streets was built in 1916 to designs by Snowden Ashford. The origin of the school can be traced back to the efforts of the Park View Citizens’ Association and their persistent appeal to Congress for funds to purchase the land and build the school. Ashford designed the school in his preferred style of Collegiate Gothic using red tapestry brick with trimmings of Bedford limestone and was built on some of the highest ground in the City. The interior is notable for the wooden truss that supports the auditorium roof. In 2012 the building received a Phase 1 modernization.  

Some of the challenges that the school faces are an extremely tight two-level parking lot area bordering the alley, the lack of a proper loading bay with a ramp directly into the school, trash/recycling dumpsters at the elbow of an alley so narrow that most trucks cannot clear it without property damage, an under-sized cafeteria without a full kitchen, outdated stormwater management, no HVAC in the auditorium, no sprinkler system throughout the school, aging roof, lack of storage, and inefficient use of restrooms on the ground floor.  

To address the difficulties that the school must endure, the project will slope and level the parking lot to create more parking spaces. The loading bay will be created and dumpsters will be moved from access at the center of the alley to the end of the alley closest to Otis Pl. A new/full kitchen will be excavated out of a ground-level space on the north end of the school, which will free up space for the cafeteria to fit more students and prepare meals more easily. Seven bioretention areas will be installed on the site to catch more rain water from the roof and gradually introduce it to the sewer system. An HVAC system will be installed in the historic auditorium while the slate roof is being replaced. In the evenings, a sprinkler system will be installed throughout the building. The project will transform one large restroom on each wing (2 total)—one boys one girls—into 6 total—a boys, a girls, and a single user restroom for each wing. 

The student swing plan calls for the existing gym to be taken offline to do kitchen and cafeteria renovations. Students will utilize the DPR facility across the street for PE and recess and continue to dine in the existing cafeteria. Once the new cafeteria is complete on the north wing, the former cafeteria will be converted into a new gym during summer 2018.

Project Details / Details Project

Bruce Monroe Elementary School at Parkview Project
Location / Location : 3560 Warder St NW
Ward / Room: 1
Overall Project Budget / Overall Project Budget: $11.2M
Project Status / Project Status:  Complete
Project Completion Date / Project Completion Date: Fall 2018 / Fall 2018
Program Manager / Program Director: Lisa Barrett
Architect / Architect: Shinberg Levinas
General Contractor / General Contractor: Winmar Construction
DCPS SIT Coordinator / DCPS Coordinator SIT: Oni Hinton