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Chancellor Antwan Wilson

Educational Specifications

DCPS is committed to providing inspiring and engaging educational environments that will support our staff, students, and the community.  Our Educational Specifications (Ed Specs) ensures that schools and campuses in the modernization process have the spaces and resources needed for effective instruction and student learning.  Our goal is to provide flexible learning spaces that encourage discovery and exploration, personalization, and opportunities for collaboration.

The Educational Specification document is an equitable facilities standard that defines the characteristics of the design and performance of a building.  It also serves as a foundation for the planning and design of modernized facilities. Information related to space and program requirements, furnishings, and site design provide design professionals with the necessary planning principles to guide site-specific design decisions. 

This is the first major re-write of the Ed Specs in a number of years.  Our goal is to make sure we are meeting the latest standards in school design while developing a baseline to ensure there is equity in our modernizations.

We want your feedback!

The documents below are draft and open for comment. Please review and provide comments by February 12th.  

Overview Presentation: Overview

Feedback form on educational specifications.  (Please submit comments by February 12th)

View the Draft Front-End Narrative

The Front-End Narrative is an overview of the Educational Specifications.  The Front-End Narrative: 
  • Provides insight to the purpose of the development of the Ed Specs and the strategic vision of DCPS facilities.  
  • Describes the role of the Ed Specs from the project planning phase to occupancy. 
  • Explains planning and design considerations.
View the Draft Educational Specification Space Sheets

Each school level has Educational Specifications that include space requirement sheets and adjacency diagrams.  These visual aids provide details as to how the program of physical spaces relates to its size and function.  Additionally, the Ed Spec specifies the goals and activities of physical spaces while identifying the necessary equipment and environmental considerations.
Upcoming Ed Spec Meeting Dates
  • CHPSPO (Ward 6) – 1/17
  • Ward 5 Ed Council – 1/17
  • Ward 1 Ed Council – 1/18
  • SHAPPE/Ward 4 Ed Council – 1/24
  • Ward 7 – 1/26
  • Ward 2 - TBD
  • Ward 3 - TBD
  • Ward 8 – TBD

Feedback Meeting Notes (Summer 2016):