Product Analysis

Sony MP3 Travel Speakers. Source HERE

WWE pendant. Source HERE.


"These are passive speakers which means they don't require any batteries to power them. The speaker also includes interchangeable caps, so you have the option of black or silver front panels. It can be used with mp3 players, iPods or any other music player with a 3.5mm headphone socket".

Small, round 'feet' at the base help them to stand upright. Basically a spherical shape with a protective front that keeps the speaker safe but doesnt affect the sound quality.

This pendant is from the WWE website and is sold a merchandise. It is definatly designed for fans of the WWE but would appeal to the youth market in general.

Made from metal (I cant tell what) ans hangs on a ball link metal chain. Blue and green in colour.
The shape reminds me of a medieval axe and is quite masculine.
The sharp spike at the bottom could be a saftey risk.
i could shape something like this shape from copper by filling and then enamel is to achieve a similar effect.

Cool and fun design. Basic black with perhaps a high gloss plastic back. Spherical shape with 'feet'. Quite a fun design and would appeal to children and adults alike. Sony logo at the top.

Perhaps I could vacuum form 2 separate molds and join them together to create something similar. One mold would include the 'feet'. Would be hard to join them well though. I like the 'fun & cuteness' of this design. The feet make them look like some kind of cartoon character and perhaps I could add eyes or a face to this.