Commercial Art is a project based program. Skills needed to complete the projects are taught as needed and supplemented with tutorials and 1:1 instruction. The projects can be challenging and are cumulative in skill levels. The design elements and principles learned as freshman are used at an increasing level as new types of projects and assignments are given.

Commercial Art Student Handbook

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Freshmen will be taking part in an exploratory program during the  months of September and October. More information on the 9th grade program can be found here.

Sophomores & Juniors
The 10th & 11th Grade students are starting the year with a marketing project that they will complete for a product they design. The project will be an opportunity to review things that they have learned so far in the program as well as introduce new skills. A link to the project sheet  is below.
The seniors will be working on creating portfolio items. This portfolio will be used for college acceptance and also possible job entry. The sheet linked below provides a basic list of items that should be included in a portfolio for college.