Research Professor

Jeong Hoon Lee

Received Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST), Korea, in 2010. He is interested in object-relational databases, graph databases, sensor networks, information retrieval, web/web protocols, and peer-to-peer systems.


Ph. D. Students

We are seeking for self-motivated master and Ph.D. students!
Please send an email to Prof. Wook-Shin Han at regarding the scholarship.
I am proud of working with the following excellent students. (WSH) 

The following students are listed in alphabetic order.

 Junseung Hwang
(Lab rotation)
 Hyeonji Kim  Jeonghwan Kim
 Kyoungmin Kim

 Seoungyun Ko  Seungmin Lee  Taesung Lee  Yukyoung Lee

In Seo 



Hyo Rim Jeon

Undergraduate Students

We are looking for undergraduate students who share our passion and vision to become world experts in the era of data science.


I am proud of having worked with the following students! -- wsh

After Aug. 2013 (after Prof. Han moved to POSTECH)
Post-docs and Researchers
Jinha Kim (Principal member of Technical Staff @ Oracle Labs, USA)
Jinoh Oh (Adobe, USA)

Ph. D.
(Not yet!)

Before Aug. 2013 (Students supervised at Kyungpook National University)
Romans Kasperovics (Developer @ SAP, Germany)

Ph. D.
Jinsoo Lee (Principal member of Technical Staff, Oracle Labs, USA)

Won-Sik Kim (Kakao, Korea)
Seon-Hyo Kim 
Je-Yong Shin (Samsung Inc.)
Woo-Seong Kwak (Korea Color Steel Corp., Korea (CEO))
Sungjin Lee (GS itm)
Pham Minh Duc (CWI, Netherland)
Sungmun Chung (Hyundai MnSoft, Korea)
Sunji Kim (Wemade, Korea)
Sang-Yun Lee (SAP Labs, Korea)
Kyung-Yul Park (SAP Labs, Korea)
Phi-Minh-Tri Nguyen (Virginia Tech Uni., USA)

Jaehwa Kim (SAP Labs, Korea)
Min Yu (SAP Labs, Korea)
Changhyun Min (Amazon, Canada)

Honorary members
Jeong-Ki Park (Kyungpook National Univ., Korea)
KyoungHun Kim (Kyungpook National Univ., Korea)
Trong-Dat Nguyen  (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)
Joong-Won Hwang (We make price, Korea)
Thanh-Hieu Bui (Kyungpook National Univ., Korea)
Chang-Uk Kwak (ETRI)

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