Scholarship for foreign students

Currently, we do not have openings for foreign students.

Dear applicants,

Thanks for your interests in my group. Please carefully read this document.
There is no guarantee that I would reply to your email about the scholarship if I think your cv does not match our standard.

For the detailed admission procedure and questions, you need to refer to our admission web page.

You can also email a staff member at by cc'ing to me (

You should apply for the department of computer science and engineering and select me as your supervisor.

I have sufficient funding to financially support you any time.

5. We will have a SKYPE interview. Before the skype interview, I typically give you an assignment to assess your critical thinking ability. In the interview, I will ask several questions about data structures (arrays, trees, graphs), algorithms (sorting,  searching, backtracking, dynamic programming), job scheduling (in OS), memory management, and virtual memory.

6. After that, you will be given a programming assignment to check whether your programming ability is sufficient for research.

7. Your monthly salary starts with 1.8 million one, which is SUFFICIENT for the tuition at POSTECH as well as living expense in Korea. This is typically larger that those offered by other schools. If you show good progress, your salary will increase accordingly.


May 8, 2014