My notes on making this site 

Find a domain name you like (, it should cost less than $10 a year.  I started with back before they were big-time and made tasteless super bowl commercials, I could easily be convinced to try a less commercial company.

It took about 20 hours for godaddy to set up my account and let me change the MX records

Go to google apps and sign up for standard edition (free) or get more Options if you can prove your a students or full-time nonprofit staff or have an extra 50 bucks to blow.

You can start customizing the google web administrator options right away but you can’t get the webpage on line until you change the CName records at the place you bought the domain name at.

The first thing I do is change the default url address from “” to

At first I couldn’t find how to make a new web page, you need to enable that option first.

Scanning pamphlets to PDF (adobe reader) I’ve found that the best setting to use are “spot color” and “100dpi” that should make the file small enough to put on the web and still be easy t read.  A 16 page black and white news letter will be less than 2MB.  

Setting up email , you need to change the MX records at the place you bought the domain name at.  Folow the directions that google apps provide, it’s pretty easy but it can take up to 48 hours for gmail to verify he changes.