Dear friends of Manna Meal

Donations to Manna Meal can be sent to:             Day House 

2640 Trumbull 

Detroit, MI 48216 

Dear friends of Manna Meal,

It is dark at 6:30 on a November morning.  Ten or 12 men gather under the church light.  Soon, they will pile into a truck that takes them to their job delivering handbills.  Paid by the bundle, they rarely earn minimum wage.  A man sits in a wheelchair pushed up against the church.  He wears layers of clothing, and a blanket over his head shields him from rain.  The wheelchair is his home, and he seldom leaves it. He is cordial and pleasant, but will not bathe or change clothes.  Nor does he wish to go to an adult foster care home.  You have to be careful about the people you live with, he tells us-you never know about their spirits.  Another man, also mentally ill and homesteading in the church alley, has been there all night as well.  Others, more recently arrived, are huddled around the red door.  All are waiting for the door to open-for a little warmth, a cup of coffee and a bowl of soup.  It is little enough, compared to the needs of people who struggle each day to stay alive.  But we hope it is a small light in the darkness of a society that has largely abandoned the poor, the mentally ill, those of no use to an increasingly dehumanizing global economy.  It is your support that keeps that light burning.  In this Christmas season, we turn to you once again for help.  Our funds are low and our costs have risen.  Please help us keep the door to Manna Community Meal open. 

-Marianne Arbogast