Welcome to Dawson Education Service Cooperative's Administrator Site, which will provide a central and easily accessible location for information/resource sharing with our principals' group.

All meeting dates, agendas, handouts, powerpoints, and miscellaneous annoucements will be housed here.

Meeting Dates for School Year 2017-18
Thursday, December 7, 2017--ZOOM

Link to Recording of ZOOM meeting found on Resources page 

Meeting Dates for School Year 2016-17:
Principals' Leadership Quest Start-up Meeting--September 21, 2016 (at Dawson Co-op)
Principals' Leadership Quest Meeting 2--November 10, 2016
PRINCIPALS' MEETING--November 17, 2016 via ZOOM
Principals' Leadership Quest Meeting 3--January, 26, 2017
   *Elementary Group--Classroom Observation Calibration at Wilson Elementary, Malvern
   *Secondary Group--Innovative Schools site visit
PRINCIPALS' MEETING--February 9, 2017 at Dawson Co-op