My Blog Contest Book List

 Title with Amazon link Author Genre Format
 The Accidental Time Machine Joe Haldeman SF Paperback 2007
 Saturn's Children
A Space Opera
 Charles Stross SF Hardcover 2008
 City at the End of Time Greg Bear SF Hardcover 2008
 Dreams Made Flesh
(Black Jewels Book 5)
 Anne Bishop Fantasy Paperback 2005
 Memoirs of a Geisha Arthur Golden Literary Fiction Paperback 1997
 Must Love Dragons
(Immortally Sexy, Book 2)
 Stephanie Rowe Paranormal Romantic Comedy Paperback 2006
 Holy Smokes
(Aisling Grey, Guardian, Book 4)
 Katie MacAlister Paranormal Romance Paperback 2007
 Ghost Hunter
(Ghost Hunters, Book 3)
 Jayne Ann Krentz Paranormal Romance Paperback 2006

List may not be up-to-date. I'll be adding/removing items as I find them or give them away.