Scott Davis for 5

Scott Davis has been working with and solving problems for the people in Metro Council’s 5th District for over 25 years. From organizing job fairs with local companies to helping clean up his neighborhood and finding shelter for displaced families after the recent tornado, Scott uses his extensive business and community contacts to better the lives of those in his district. He also cares about the infrastructure and beauty of the 5th District, working to repair sidewalks, replace neighborhood signs, and encourage businesses to move into the district and set aside a certain percentage of jobs for residents. If you’re looking for a Councilman who is not only a neighborhood advocate but truly knows what it means to be YOUR neighbor, please vote for Scott. 

Scott advocates for:

  • Economic development through green and sustainable programs;
  • Mentorship programs, after school tutoring, sports programs, and summertime activities that empower neighborhood youth and ensure their future success;
  • Providing opportunities for individuals who have paid their debts to society and demonstrated a desire to be productive citizens to find gainful employment and have their voting rights restored;
  • Creating a safe environment in which his neighbors can live and work peacefully with one another;
  • And fully funding and supporting the Metro Police Department

Scott’s Platform
1. Crime & Safety
2. Increase Employment & Business Development
3. Community Infrastructure & Beautification

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