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Lily Nisen Scholarship Fund

What is the "Lily Nisen Scholarship Fund"?


Lily Nisen played soccer for many years with AYSO, graduated from Davis High School in 2003, and attended San Diego State University. Her life was taken from her in San Diego on Memorial Day weekend, 2004. Since that time, many families have made contributions to AYSO to fund scholarships in Lily's name.


Download the Lily Nisen Scholarship application.


Applications for this education-related scholarship will be accepted through Wednesday, April 20, 2016. AYSO alumni (male and female) who are planning to begin or continue college or another training program are eligible and are encouraged to apply. Notification of awards will be announced in late May.


If you have questions, please send an e-mail to:




    Lily Nisen Scholarship Recipients


Davis AYSO has awarded academic scholarships to recognize the achievements, both on and off the soccer field, of current and former AYSO players:


2014 recipients:

  • Shelby Danzer
  • Luis Zepeda
  • Shelby Ziccardi


2013 recipients:

  • Naji Dmeiri
  • Nicolas Seban
  • Kalani Ratnasiri
  • Margaret Starbuck


2012 recipients:

  • Matt Austin
  • Melecio Estrella


2011 recipients:

  • Pascel Polonik
  • Heather Karr
  • Joseph Roy


2010 recipients:

  • Shaila Bonanno
  • Kelsey Dedoshka
  • Rebecca Horn
  • Joeti Klein


2009 recipients:

  • Sebastien Cordier
  • Jessica Daggett
  • Devin Kelly
  • Morgan Cecil


2008 recipients:

  • Adriana Conrad-Forrest
  • Katherine Wieking
  • Caroline Hirst


2007 recipients:

  • Daniel Yates
  • Rachel Fulk


2006 recipients:

  • Caily Nelson
  • Cindy Rosenthal
  • Aaron Wedra


2005 recipents:

  • Amanda Walton
  • Danielle Crain
  • Trish Bettencourt

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