• Why AYSO? See Our organization.
  • How to register my child? See Player registration.
  • What does it cost to play? See Player registration.
  • Are scholarships available? Yes. See the form on the Financial page.
  • How can I support my child in this program? See the AYSO Parent code of conduct.
  • How can I get involved? See Volunteers. See "The delight of coaching your own child"
  • Can I get photos of my child? Yes. In the Fall Season, player and team photos are included in your fee. See Picture days for dates. Ask your player's coach for the form and exact date and time.
  • Can my child play in a younger or older age group? Generally, no. See Requests to play up or down.
  • Can I request that my son or daughter be on a certain team, e.g., for transportation, being with favorite coach, being with best friend, closer practice location, etc.? No—just image having to arrange teams for 1,800 players; that is hard enough without having to address special requests. The only exception is that if you are a coach or assistant coach, then your child will be on your team.
  • Can I get a refund? See Refund requests.
  • What are the rules of the game of soccer? See Rules. See "Parent Guide to Referee Decisions."
  • Am I a nightmare sports parent? Find out here.
AYSO's Parent's Guide also answers a lot of questions you might have.

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Aug 7, 2012, 6:04 PM