Select Season FAQs

(updated 9/18/2015)
Q: What is AYSO Select?
A: The AYSO Select program is an opportunity for interested players to improve their skills in a more competitive environment following the Fall season. It is open only to players who registered and participated in at least 70 percent of the Fall Season in the U10-U14 divisions, and 50 percent of the Fall Season in the U16-U19 divisions.

Q: How are players selected?
A: Interested players must complete a short online application PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE detailing their experience, current team, potential conflicts/other obligations, and acknowledgement of the commitments if selected. This information is then given to the coaches that have been selected for the division, who will scout the players that have applied during Fall Season games. The coaches then meet and “draft” players for their division to develop balanced teams. Remember that each coach is looking for different things, and it is a very subjective process. Factors that often play a part in selection includes skill, sportsmanship, team participation, speed, effort, an understanding of the game, attendance and participation in fall training, positional needs of the team and team chemistry. Availability for training sessions and a family volunteer commitment also play a role.

Q: How many teams are formed?
A: All player applications are reviewed by the Select Committee, which determines the number of teams to field per division. The Committee weighs many different things in determining team numbers, including maximizing the numbers of players involved while keeping the experience focused on skill development in a more competitive environment. The number of teams also depends on the number of qualified volunteer coaches available. In general, you can expect up to one Select team to be formed for every six Fall teams.

Q: How are coaches selected?
A: Similar to the players, all interested coaches who have coached in the Fall must fill out an online application PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE detailing their experience and acknowledgement of the commitments if selected. All Fall U10 coaches must have completed the U12 coaching class in order to be considered to coach in the Select Season. All other coaches, including assistants, must have the completed the appropriate coaching class level to their age group, AYSO's Safe Haven training, and the CDC concussion training (the latter two available online). No exceptions will be made to this rule.  Coaches should have completed the appropriate coach training at the time of application.  The Select Committee reviews the applications and available reviews from prior seasons to determine the coaches that are most appropriate.

Q: If my child is chosen to play in Select, what should I expect?
A: First and foremost, you should expect the Six Philosophies of AYSO (Everyone Plays, Balanced Teams, Open Registration, Positive Coaching, Good Sportsmanship and Player Development) to be followed at all times. All players will play a minimum of 50% of all games, with the “regular” Select season (e.g., non-tournaments) requiring all players to play 75% of the game before anyone else can play a full game. You should also expect more distant away games, as typically Davis teams will play other Select teams from nearby Regions (such as Pleasant Hill, Mt. Diablo, Winters, Antelope, and others).

Q: If my child applies for Select, what is his/her and our family’s commitment?
A: A high level of commitment is expected from coaches, players, and the parents during the Select season. If a player or coach applies for Select, it is expected that they will commit to the program for the duration of the season (through May) if chosen. Other obligations (e.g., other sports, jobs, after-school activities) MUST be included in the application if known or anticipated. While some players are involved in other sports, for the good of the team, most Select coaches require that training sessions and games take AT LEAST equal precedence with other sports. In addition to the players commitment, parents are required to actively participate in the season, including helping with needed volunteer activities (e.g., refereeing, set up/take down of fields, team logistics) and running both the Select Tournament as well as the Davis World Cup tournament. If parental assistance does not occur in the latter obligations, the team may not be allowed to play in the Davis-led tournaments.

Q: If selected, what should I expect for a time commitment?
A: Typically, Select teams have training sessions twice a week (similar to Fall season) beginning in December. Select Season games start in early January and run through March, culminating with the Select Season tournament at the end of March. Select teams then stay together to play in several tournaments through at least the end of May, ending most often with the Davis World Cup on Memorial Day weekend.

Q: What will the Select season cost?
A: Registration costs will be $180 for U10-U14 and $75 for U16-19, which includes Regional costs, uniform purchase, and Select Tournament fees. Team fees (which include other tournament registration fees, field rental fees, and other miscellaneous costs) average approximately $350 per player. Participation in tournaments may also require lodging, transportation, and food costs, which are the responsibility of each family. Most teams participate in at least one tournament that requires overnight travel.

Q: Whom should I contact if I have any other questions?
A: More detailed information can be found on the Select Season webpage. For other questions or concerns, please email the Select Coordinator, at