Select Season

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What is the Select Season? 
The Select season is a program following the fall season open only to players who participated in the fall season in the U10, U12, U14, U16, and U19 divisions. This is an opportunity for players to improve their skills in a more competitive environment.

Select Season games start in early January and run through March, culminating with the Select Season tournament at the end of March. Select teams then stay together to play in several tournaments through at least the end of May. See "Expected travel and tournaments" below.

Player draft
For U10 and U12 boys and girls, we will have "preview workout session" on two successive Sundays in late October. October 19 for U10 and October 26 for U12 (see "Calendar of Events" below for times and locations). These are voluntary, but they are going to be one of the best ways for the select coaches to see the players that are trying out to be drafted on a team.

The teams are drafted in November, with practices starting in December. For each age group and gender, the coaches get together and draft the players for that age/gender group. Coaches will have scouted the players at a game or Preview Day. Each coach is looking for different things. Factors that often play a part in selection includes skill, sportsmanship, team participation, speed, effort, an understanding of the game, attendance and participation in fall training, positional needs of the team and team chemistry. Each team needs referees to be eligible for tournaments. It is possible that a player will be selected because one of their parents is a referee. If a coach's child is the best player in that age group, that team would not get a selection in the first round. We slot the two coach's children in relationship to their abilities of the other players in the group. We try to make the draft as fair as possible. Once again it is subjective.

Davis AYSO Select registration fees are $170, which includes Regional costs, uniform purchase, and Regional Tournament fees. There are a limited number of scholarships for the Region’s registration cost. 

Team fees are in addition to these Regional registration costs, and include tournament registration fees (other than the Regional Tournament), field rental fees, and other miscellaneous costs. These fees average approximately $350 per player. Participation in tournaments may also require lodging, transportation, and food costs, which are the responsibility of each family. Most teams participate in at least one tournament that requires overnight travel.

Criteria for the Select Season
PLAYERS: We encourage all eligible players to apply! Interested players must complete a short online application PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE detailing their current team, potential conflicts/other obligations and acknowledgements of the commitments is chosen. To be eligible to participate in the Select program a player must be registered, and must have participated, in the prior fall season no later than the last Saturday in September. The player must participate in at least 70 percent of the Fall Season, which includes the Jamboree (U10) or Regional Tournament (U12, U14, U16, and U19). Rained-out games are included as games played, and players must meet regional playing time guidelines (currently three-quarters of each fall game). Exceptions to the eligibility requirements above may be allowed on a case-by-case basis with approval of the Select Committee. Players must participate in the same division in Select as they participated in during the prior Fall Season. The number of teams that will be formed in each division varies from year to year. In general, you can expect up to one Select team for every six fall teams. This will primarily depend on the number of qualified volunteer coaches.

COACHES: Similar to the players, all interested coaches who have coached in the Fall must fill out an online application PRIOR TO THE DEADLINE detailing their experience and acknowledgement of the commitments if selected. U10 coaches must have completed the U12 coaching class in order to be considered to coach U10 in the Select Season. All other coaches, including assistants, must have the appropriate coaching class level to their age group. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

COMMITMENT: A high level of commitment is expected from the coaches, players, and the parents. Select is for motivated and enthusiastic players. Other obligations MUST be included in the application if known. While some players are involved in other sports, for the good of the team, most Select coaches require that training sessions and games take AT LEAST equal precedence with other activities. In addition to the player’s commitment, parents are required to participate in running the Select Tournament and the Davis World Cup tournament.

Calendar of events preceding the Select Season
  • September 13, 2014: Registration opens for coaches and players (see right sidebar for links to the registration pages)
  • October 5, 2014: Registration deadline for PLAYERS and COACHES
  • October 19, 2014: U10 Preview Day. Location: Nugget Fields
    • U10 Boys: Registration 12:30-1:00pm,  Preview with coaches 1-2:30 
    • U10 Girls: Registration 3:00-3:30, Preview with coaches 3:30-5:00pm
  • October 26, 2014: U12 Preview Day. Location: DaVinci Charter Academy High School 
    • U12 Boys: Registration 12:30-1:00pm, Preview with coaches 1-2:30
    • U12 Girls: Registration 3:00-3:30, Preview with coaches 3:30-5:00pm
  • November 21, 2014: Players notified. 
Expected travel and tournaments 
Select teams will likely play half their games at away locations, so from January through mid-March, expect about five weekends during which you will play away games, usually in the Concord area, but sometimes Antelope or Stockton.

All select teams participate in these tournaments:
  • Select Season tournament on a weekend in mid- or late March, played in the Bay Area or in Davis. 
  • Davis World Cup, Davis CA ( Memorial Day Weekend, May 23-25, 2014. The BEST AYSO TOURNAMENT OF THEM ALL! The fee is approximately $525/team. Parents of Davis teams are required to help with the tournament. This is the major Davis AYSO fundraiser each year. Open to AYSO teams only. 
Select teams also traditionally participate in 2-4 of the following tournaments (dates subject to change):
  • PHMSA Soccerfest, Pleasant Hill CA ( This is typically held the last weekend of March and/or first weekend in April, but has not yet been set for 2015. The fee has previously been $400-450/team. Open to AYSO teams only. 
  • Comstock Shootout, Carson City NV ( This tournament is typically held in April, but has not yet been set for 2015. This is an “open” tournament so you will see CYSA teams in addition to AYSO teams. The fee has previously been $500 (U10) or $600 (all others)/team, although it may be higher if you do not bring one or more referees. 
  • Pacifica Fog Classic, Pacifica CA (tentative) ( This is typically held the first weekend in May, but has not yet been set for 2015. Open to AYSO and CYSA teams. Fee has been $450 (U10; $350 fees + $100 ref deposit), $475 (U12), or $500 (U14-U19)/team. 
  • Concord Cup, Concord CA, ( This is typically held in mid-May, but has not yet been set for 2015. This is an “open” tournament so you will see CYSA teams in addition to AYSO teams, although sometimes there is a separate AYSO bracket. Fees have been $400.00+/team. 
  • Come Up For Air, South Lake Tahoe CA ( This is typically held in late June, but has not yet been set for 2015. This is an “open” tournament typically with few AYSO teams participating, so you will see mainly CYSA teams. Fees have been $642/team. 

Newspaper reporting for Select Season 
Only regularly scheduled games and sanctioned tournament results are to be reported. The Davis Enterprise says that they will publish the results of AYSO Select games if they are submitted in the proper fashion—see the Select Newspaper page for details.

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