Under 5 program

The U5-program is for children that have turned 4 by July 31, 2015 and will not start Kindergarten in the fall.

The program is a bit different than older kids; it is “jamboree style” meaning kids gather in a group and run through a series of games to help them learn the skills they need for soccer and the basics of the game. This is followed by a short “game”. Details of the program are below.

Program and Jamboree Schedule

The U5 program meets once a week for about 1 hour at a location, day, and time chosen by the volunteer coaches. Each session will follow a schedule consisting of:
  • 10 minutes warm-up
  • 10 minutes of learning a skill with a parent/family member helping out 
  • 10 minutes of a fun activity to reinforce the skill 
  • 30 minutes of a 3-on-3 game within your jamboree group 
  • The program generally meets once a week for 8-10 weeks, keeping with the older kids schedule.

Co-Ed Groups and Group Size

The U5 program is co-ed—although there are many differences between 4 year old boys and girls, their soccer skill level is not one of them. Groups are formed with as even a gender distribution as possible given the program participants. Each jamboree group will have between 14 and 16 children and 2-4 coaches.

Parent Participation

AYSO is an all-volunteer organization and the U5 program is dependent on all families participating in the jamboree sessions. No soccer experience is necessary and you can learn the game along with your child! Since you will be participating you must be certified as an AYSO volunteer. You must fulfill the requirements of all AYSO volunteers including:
  • Fill out a volunteer application form at www.eayso.org
  • Print a copy of that form and bring it with you when you register your child 
  • Take an in-person Safe Haven course (see schedule here: link to Davis training dates). Take the online “Safe Haven” course at www.aysotraining.org (you need your AYSO volunteer number to register).

Coaches Needed

We need one in four families to volunteer to coach. No soccer experience is necessary and you will receive full training in how to run the jamboree session and how to teach the skills necessary for U5. Please email u5dca@davisayso.org to express interest in coaching or with questions about coaching. Coaches also get a t-shirt and their child’s adoration.

“Uniforms” and Equipment Needs
  • Each child will receive a U5 T-shirt 
  • Each child must have shin-guards and socks that fully cover those shin-guards. Children without these two items will not be allowed to participate. 
  • Shorts and comfortable athletic shoes (tennis shoes or cleats) are recommended but not required. Most children do not have cleats. 
  • No soccer ball is required (coaches will have one for each child), but if you would like one for home U5 kids play with a size 3 ball.

Other frequently asked questions:

My child will start Kindergarten in the Fall, can I request that he/she plays in U6 with his/her classmates?

Yes, most children who are entering full Kindergarten (not Transitional Kindergarten) play in U6. You can request that your child play U6 by sending an email to playuprequest@davisayso.org more information about the request can be found here:


Can I request that my child be placed on a jamboree group with their friends?

As a rule such requests are not granted. Creating teams is complicated process and Davis AYSO can only guarantee that siblings in the same age group are placed together. This is true for all age groups. Teams for U5 are formed based on geography.

The time that my coach has chosen doesn’t work with our schedule, can we switch teams?

As a rule such requests are not granted. The only way to ensure that the time/place that sessions occur works with your schedule is to volunteer to coach since coaches choose the time/place of sessions.

Can I drop my child off at sessions and pick them up at the end?

No. We require parent participation in the sessions and children are more comfortable with their parents present at the session.