Seasons and programs

Davis AYSO has three seasons,  Fall, Select, and Spring, as well as a VIP program. We also offer AYSO Soccer Camp during spring break.

  • Fall Season. Fall is our primary season with about 1,800 players. It runs from around early September to mid-November. See our Fall Season page for details.
  • Select Season. Our Select Season is an off-shoot of our Fall Season in which players apply to play and must be selected to be on a team. The season runs from early January to the end of March. Teams stay together to play in several tournaments, culminating with the Davis World Cup Tournament on Memorial Day Week-end. See our Select Season page for details.
  • Spring Season. Our Spring Season is our most informal season, with about 600 players, played from April to early June. See our Spring Season page for details.

In addition to the above, Davis AYSO has a VIP program for youths and adults with disabilities that would not allow them to play in the seasons described above. See our VIP page for details.