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Coach requirements

Safe Haven Course

All AYSO volunteers must take the Safe Haven certification course. New volunteers should attend a face-to-face training. See the Safe Haven training page for details.

All seasoned volunteers are asked to take a refresher online every two years.

Coach training requirements 

By 2015, all head coaches and assistant coaches must be trained at the level they are coaching. For the Fall 2015 season, this is required for all U5, U6, U7, U8, U10, U12, U14, and U16 coaches. Examples: U6 coaches must be trained at the U6 level; U14 coaches must be trained at the Intermediate level, U16 coaches must be trained at the Advanced level..
  • Recommended prerequisite for taking U8–U12 coaching courses: the course below the division you hope to coach. Examples: U7 and U8 coaches should take the U6 course first; U9 and U10 coaches should take the U8 course first. 
  • Required prerequisites for taking Intermediate, Advanced, and National courses: for Intermediate course, must be certified as U12 Coach; for Advanced course, must be certified as Intermediate Coach; and for National course, must be certified as Advanced Coach.
  • For a list of coaching courses, see the Coach training page.

Annual general coach meeting

The head coach of each team is required to attend one of the annual general coach meetings. It is highly recommended that the assistant coach attend also. Meetings for the Fall 2014 season are as follows:
  • To be announced

Volunteer Application Form (VAF)

A VAF is required for every membership year (August 1–July 31) for every volunteer. See this page for details.