About this site

This site was created using Google Sites. HTML code was edited on a few pages where cleanup of text was needed because text was copied from a former site.
Priorities used in creating this site
  1. Content first and foremost. The site must contain the information our visitors seek. This content must be accurate.
  2. The information is easily found. This is made possible by the thoughtful construction of the horizontal menu with its submenus, the quick lists in the left column, and links within the pages to pages within the site and elsewhere. This is also made possible by the search function which searches not only text on pages but also within documents stored within the site. The idea is that a visitor could find sought infomation even if the visitor did not understand how the site was organized.
  3. Tried to modularize information so that multiple pages could reference the same information. Information about one topic should be only in one place.
  4. A clear, clean interface. Pages are consistent in form.
  5. Text that is readable (accessible). A minimum of 12 points in most places.
  6. Attempted to make the headings consistent in appearance, mostly Heading 3 (larger) and Heading 4 (small). 
  7. Some graphics and photos will be added over time, but this is not a priority.


  1. Having problems with defining and using anchors. This function is not supported by Google Sites. Can do with HTML but it is not working...yet.
Initial launch: 8/7/11

Scott Martin

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