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If you have any problems signing up, please email newsletters@davisayso.org

Our mailing address:
Davis AYSO
PO Box 1602    
Davis, CA 95617 
Email is the best way to contact us. Please include sufficient information to identify your player and his or her division (e.g., name and U6 boys, U16 girls). This will help us route your email to the appropriate person. Thank you.
                                                Fall 2014 Division Coach Administrators
 Boys DCA     Email Address  Girls DCA Email Address

Adie Whitaker    


  U5Adie Whitaker u5dca@davisayso.org
 U6    Rebecca Baxter u6bdca@davisayso.org  U6Emilio Ferrer u6gdca@davisayso.org
 U7Denis Dwyre u7bdca@davisayso.org   U7Loran Wyman u7gdca@davisayso.org
 U8Tim Maguire u8bdca@davisayso.org   U8Michael Westlund u8gdca@davisayso.org
 U10 North & West Kristen Muir u10b-nw-dca@davisayso.org    U10 North & WestTrina McMorrow u10g-nw-dca@davisayso.org
 U10 South & EastAnalisa Bevan u10b-se-dca@davisayso.org   U10 South & EastBetsy O'Hanlon u10g-se-dca@davisayso.org
 U12Matt Wood u12bdca@davisayso.org   U12Greg Mitchell u12gdca@davisayso.org
 U14Jim Sachs u14bdca@davisayso.org   U14Aaron DeRuntz u14gdca@davisayso.org
 U16 Debra Brayton u16bdca@davisayso.org   U16Aaron Flin u16gdca@davisayso.org
 U19 Debra Brayton u19bdca@davisayso.org   U19Josh Fenton u19gdca@davisayso.org

                                            Spring 2015 Division Coach Administrators

 Division        DCA Email Address
 U5 Adie Whitaker u5dca@davisayso.org
 U6 Lindsay Terry springU6dca@davisayso.org
 U7 Trina McMorrow springU7dca@davisayso.org
 U8 Rebecca Baxter springU8dca@davisayso.org
 U10 Martin Verschoor springU10dca@davisayso.org
 U12 Peter Hernes & Miriam Martin springU12dca@davisayso.org
 U14 Gareth Bevan springU14dca@davisayso.org

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