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Referee general information

Who? Me?

Davis AYSO needs volunteers! Women and Youth (ages 12 and up) are especially encouraged to volunteer. When women and youth officiate at the Saturday games, they become role models to show that all people can participate and enjoy the game of soccer. Sign up for the next Basic Referee course. No soccer knowledge is required. The course is free and you'll impress all your friends with that bright yellow referee shirt, etc., that you'll also get for no cost.

 If you don't think that you can be a referee, look at the "Referee's Call."

What about female referees? Certainly! Why not? Be a role model. To understand why and how you can be successful, check out this guide.

Volunteer Application Forms (VAFs)

All referees must complete and submit a volunteer application for every membership year (August 1–July 31). See How to register as a volunteer.

Safe Haven training

All new referees must take the Safe Haven child and volunteer protection course. This is a one-time requirement. See the Safe Haven information on the Training page.

Referee training

Training and continuing education are cornerstones of the AYSO program, and Davis AYSO offers plenty of referee training and education opportunities for all referees, beginning to advanced.

Local courses: Davis AYSO offers Safe Haven, U6-8 Parent Referee, Basic Referee, and Intermediate Referee courses, in addition to Assistant Referee and topical in-service refereeing classes. For current referee training opportunities, please see our Referee training page for the dates and times for the upcoming classes.

Golden Gate Camp: Golden Gate Camp is Section 2's annual advanced training camp for referees working towards upgrading the Advanced and National levels, and for referees who want to become Referee Instructors, Referee Instructor Evaluators, or Assessors. GGC is a residential camp held annually on a week-end in mid-July in the Bay Area. If interested in attending you can register at the Section 2 web site. Pre-registration approval must be obtained from the Davis Referee Administrator. Davis AYSO will reimburse the cost for pre-approved Davis AYSO referees. 

AYSO Expo: The AYSO Expo, formerly called Section Meeting, is held annually in the Winter/Spring at varying venues in the western United States, and provides the opportunity for AYSO volunteers to meet volunteers from other Sections and Areas, and to attend a variety of classes for coaching, refereeing, and management.


Youth Referee Protection Policy describes our zero tolerance policy on dissent toward youth referees.

Laws and law resources

Please see the following resources for the current FIFA Laws, and additional USSF and AYSO publications and local aids.


To sign up for U10 and older games, see the Scheduling page


Misconduct form: for reporting send-offs, ejections, and other incidents involving players, coaches, spectators or referees. Must submit within 24 hours after the game. Complete form and e-mail to

Referee upgrade: for upgrading to all levels

Cross certification

Through an agreement between AYSO and USSF, referees can cross certify between organizations. 


Shirt color order:  When you are considering buying additional referee shirts, it is suggested to buy them in this order, that way there is a better chance that others will have the same color: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue, Black


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