Welcome back to another fabulous, ART-filled school year! Our artists are already hard at work creating some masterpieces to adorn our hallways!

 Artists of the Month 
{look for their artwork hanging at the front entrance of the school}

coming soon!

Art update!


Artsonia is up and running! 

Thanks to Artsonia, DaVinci Academy scholars are becoming published artists!

Artsonia is an online art gallery where each student is able to have their masterpieces exhibited in their own personal gallery. Some of their artwork has already been uploaded, more is being added, and you have the opportunity to add more from home using our unique code as well! 

Family members and friends are then able to visit these galleries and purchase items adorned with their child’s art. Coffee mugs, cards, cutting boards, water bottles, jewelry, and much more!  These works of art would make wonderful gifts for family & friends!

20% of the proceeds from all Artsonia purchases will go toward art supplies for our school!

Once parents give permission to publish artwork to the site, they must then “unlock” their students account be replying to an email message.