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Here’s a fun activity for your family that will help raise money for our Letterland trip~

Friday, February 9th-your child can participate in a painting activity:

8X10 painting/$5 (half goes to our class)


Wild Mountain Art 1890 Farmington Road


Welcome to kindergarten!  We are excited to get to know you and your child this year.  We have lots to learn and accomplish in kindergarten.  Your child will be expected to learn to read, answer comprehension questions, and identify at least 80 sight words.  In writing, your child will be expected to write at least 2 complete sentences.  For math skills, they will be expected to count to 100 by ones and tens, write numbers to 20, identify 2-D and 3-D shapes, and addition and subtraction facts.  We will do seasonal activities throughout the year to incorporate science and social studies.  We will also have special activities to invite families to school. We generally go on 2 field trips that relate to our curriculum.  

Your child will take home a book to read most Monday - Thursday nights;  along with sight words to practice and review.  Please make sure to read and record the book's title on the reading log and practice sight words every day!  Thank you for your help and support.

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Please remember to ask your family/employers if they would like to donate to our Letterland trip. This is an expensive field trip, but very worthwhile. This will help decrease the cost for each student.


  • bookbag
  • pencils
  • glue sticks
  • towel for rest time (NO MATS)

William R. Davie Kindergarten


Counting Song

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