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Welcome back to school!!

The most common question people ask me,"What is Family and Consumer Sciences?"  Several years ago,the previous name  to the class was Home Economics and now it  is  Family and Consumer Sciences.  
This class covers information in the following areas:
  • Child Development
  • Apparel Design
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Consumer Services(Financial literacy)
  • Career Decisions
  • Interior Design
My main mission has been aimed towards keeping topics relevant through hands-on experiences, readings, discussions, skits, computer assignments, guest speakers and etc. .


Do you want more Family and Consumer Sciences Education classes when you leave middle school?
Please look at Davie High School website and click on Career and Technical Education. You will see the courses being offered in Family and Consumer Sciences area.

Davie High School offers:
  • Early Childhood I 
  • Early Childhood II (Honors)
  • Parenting/Child Development
  • Apparel Design (clothing)
  • Foods I & II
  • Interior design
  • Prostart I & II (Restaurant management)



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